Soccer is like quilting

July is the month for bike racing and also, the World Cup is finishing up. In June I posted a couple of soccer themed ecards I had made and got this comment from a loyal reader Sandra proposing the idea that Soccer is like quilting.

Aren't they similar though; they run back and forth (you run back and forth to the quilt store, or back and forth to the quilt room), they play as part of a team (you play as part of a team; LQS, quilt guild friends, etc.), their ultimate dream is to score a goal and and your ultimate goal is a quilt of your dream!

You know that sparked a blog post in my head and Sandra said, sure, go for it! I also included the ecards.

Let's compare soccer and quilting. I know what you're thinking. One activity is sweaty hard work that doesn't get the respect it deserves in the States and the other is soccer but what else do they have in common? Read on dear quilters, read on.10516864_659170054171843_1359658323186928578_n

1. Uniforms - Soccer players wear nifty shirts and short shorts. Quilters wear threads. Both are skimpy and appropriate when doing the activity.

2. Playing fields - Soccer is played on a field that is typically outside and about 110 meters by 50 meters. Quilt shows are typically inside but the halls can be about the same size.

3. Colors - In soccer there are yellow cards, red cards, black and white balls plus uniforms of every color. In quilting color is king, with all the soccer variety and then some.

4. Injuries - Soccer can be dangerous to your legs. Quilting is dangerous to your arms and fingers. Courage needed either way.

5. Protective gear - Soccer players scoff at helmets, wear shin guards and long socks. Quilters scoff at helmets also but will wear a thimble. Either way, danger is part of the activity.

6. Fouls - Soccer players trip each other and may not use their hands or penalties result. Quilters trip over small children and pets in their sewing area and are encouraged to use their hands. Only quilt penalty is when no one makes one for you.

7. Biting - Soccer players have been known to bite other soccer players. Quilters bite a thread occasionally but usually stick to snacks.

8. Physical contact - Direct physical contact is theoretically not allowed in soccer. In quilting, well, there are some tense moments at sales.

9. Popularity - Soccer is extremely popular in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East plus most of Asia and Central America.Quilting is extremely popular in the States, Canada, Australia, Japan and gaining in Europe. Soccer has it all over quilting here but we have way cuter Guild name tags.

10. Name - Soccer is called some form of the word football in every country but the States and Canada. Quilting is pretty much quilting wherever it's done.

11. Corruption - FIFA has had some serious allegations made about its abuse of power in the soccer world. Apart from an occasional guild dust up, the Quilting world is pretty darn squeaky clean.

12. Time constrictions - Soccer has two 45 minutes periods plus some extra time whimsically thrown in at the end. Quilters can take their own sweet time unless they want to enter it in a competition. Even then, there's always next year.

13. Crying - According to Social Issues Research Centre, two thirds of soccer fans have cried at a game. (I am not making this up, I even linked the website.) In my own personal experience, quilters are tough, we only cry when there is blood involved.10431446_659170427505139_6012403977399610823_n

14. Messy - In soccer, it's a hunky player from Argentina, Lionel Messi. In quilting, it's how my sewing room looks.

15. Goal of activity - To score more points than every other team in the whole world seems to be the ultimate goal of soccer. Quilters? We just want to finish that quilt.

And finishing a quilt, ah, that makes me sew happy.

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I once wrote a post comparing sports to quilting. If you liked reading this, you might enjoy that one as well.

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