Quilting as Therapy

I love to quilt and I love to write about my quilts, oh and other things also. Quilting and sewing plus writing are all very therapeutic for me.

I would say however that Quilting is my main therapy so when I saw a call for entries under the title Quilting as Therapy for Quilters Newsletter magazine I was all in.therapy

I was thrilled to get an email from them telling me that my essay had been selected. Hip hip hooray.  I even wrote about it in a blog. What I failed to read was that it was selected for the online extra edition, not the print edition. Not quite as hooray.

Today, I received my magazine and quickly paged through it. Then I noticed the small print and found my essay online where no one will read it. Rats!

I decided to post it here in a slightly different form before I go and do some quilting as therapy to get over my disappointment.

Quilting as Therapy

My quilts know a lot about me. Particularly the hand quilted ones.

If I was having a bad day, or if job had been tough, and the marriage even tougher I would look forward to quilting after the girls were sleeping. I loved my children more than life itself but it was a good moment when they were both safely in their rooms. I would quilt out my problems and issues. And it really helped!

At the beginning, I quilted on a large hoop in my lap. Every summer I would make a couple of quilt tops and I would spend the school year quilting them by hand. My goal sometimes was to quilt a “hoopful” before I went to bed. Some nights I even did two; either I needed a lot of therapy or the girls went to bed early.

While I quilted I would watch my own tiny TV in the living room. I would have a cup of tea, maybe a few cookies, or more than a few. I would relax and I would do just exactly what I wanted to do. Quilting recharged my batteries every single night.

Some days I would have a meeting or have to grade papers and not get to do much quilting. But every single day I did some quilting.

Those moments quilting meant that I mattered as well as all the other "must do" parts of my life.  I could tell my complaints to the needle and by pushing it in and out, it helped me deal with it all. And all of those moments for me, be they only five minutes, ended up as one whole, one completed quilt.

And that completed quilt stated that I was talented, I was keeping my family warm and that I mattered.

I can’t imagine a therapist accomplishing more than that and so I continue to quilt.

Now that I am retired and my life is sew very good, quilting is still my therapy even if it’s all on a machine. It tells me that  I've still got it, I can still produce beauty that, just like me, matters.

My quilting makes me sew very happy!

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If you want to read the online essay you can click here.

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