Michael Miller Challenge Quilt finished

The Michael Miller Challenge Quilt contest was announced by the Modern Quilt Guild in the spring. If you were a member and signed up, you could participate. I had never done anything like this before but I took the plunge. I had vowed to do more challenges this year, bring it on!

When the fabrics arrived I liked them and decided to go ahead with it. I was not and am not looking to win, it was just something new I had never done before in quilting. They were pretty michael miller redifferent and we only got a fat eighth of each one. You could add any other Michael Miller fabric and any solid you wanted to use. 

mm re 1I decided to order some green additional Michael Miller fabric and make Shoo Fly blocks.

It didn't seem big enough but as I am a Spanish and French teacher, it did remind me of the chart for conjugating verbs.

When you conjugate a verb, you change it.

How about if I changed other things, like the block size?

I also was running out of the orange in the center so I thought I would "conjugate" that as well.

In fact I thought about naming it conjugated orange but decided on Conjugated quilt.mm re 7

I had made 5 twelve inch blocks. I then made 6 six inch blocks, 12 three inch blocks, added a grey border and flipped it.

Now I had some scraps of the challenge fabrics and another Michael Miller green animal print fabric I had ordered.

mm re 8I sewed the leftovers together with some grey and used them to make the back with the new fabric.

Now we were getting somewhere. Just where I wasn't quite sure.

I knew I had to get it all done by sometime in June and then magically, the date changed to July 25. Phew, I could make that deadline.

I loaded it on my trusty Gladys and decided I could "conjugate" the quilting as well.

I did a Crazy Eight pattern that got bigger and then smaller when it covered a third of each big block row.

The quilting was fun and went pretty fast. mm re 10

You can hopefully see the details of the quilting here.

Then I decided I wanted to put the binding on by hand.

This would slow things down but I will still make my deadline.

kathy mathews reWhen I hand sew I like to watch TV and my husband is always up for a new marathon.

He recorded all of last year's episodes of The Bridge and every night we would watch one as I  sewed. kathy mathews back re

I finished the binding last night but we only completed five episodes. I need a another hand sewing project.

I uploaded the pictures to the Michael Miller challenge Quilt website and saw the other entries. Let's just say I am not going to win.

And my pictures really looked bad, not nearly as cool as the quilt is.

So this morning I took some artsy type shots.

mm re 13I like the way the quilt looks better here.

I haven't decided if I am going to keep this quilt or give it to Zara. If I keep it, I need to make her something else.

Oh boy, another project!

Even knowing that I won't win, I am still glad I did this challenge, it sparked my creative spirit.

And being creative? That makes me sew happy!

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I wrote about this quilt previously and admitted to breaking a quilt rule. You can read that post here.

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