DIY Water Bottle Carrier Tutorial

I spent my Junior year of college at the University of Barcelona and was amazed at how the Spanish, a poor people then, paid for bottled water. I drank tap water and would laugh while shaking my head at a habit I knew Americans would never emulate.

Obviously, I am not great at predicting the future. I drink bottled water, have a reverse osmosis system on my kitchen faucet and like to carry water with me nearly everywhere I go.Bottle carrier re 11

I own some functional water bottle carriers but I wanted a cute one. I looked at my old raggedy ones and thought I can make that. This is what I ended up with.  It's still functional but with a bit more style.

Bottle carrier re 1Want to make one also? Then just follow my DIY Water Bottle Carrier Tutorial.

I started out with a circle with an eleven inch circumference. I traced a water glass!

Your circle can be any size but the sides have to be that measurement plus at least a half an inch for the seams.

I cut an outside grey piece 9.5 inches tall by 11.5 inches wide. I did the same for the zebra lining and one piece of iron on batting.

I also cut two 2.5 inch strips for the strap. I sewed them together and cut off the ends as I decided how long I wanted it.

Bottle carrier re 2

I put a running stitch on the end of the grey so I could ease the tube onto the circle. I used the longest stitch on my machine.Bottle carrier re 3

I stitched the side with a quarter inch seam as I allowed an extra half inch. If you want a bigger seam, allow more when cutting.

I gathered up the running stitch, like I was easing in a puffy sleeve.  Little gathers will be fine.

I pinned and then stitched it onto the circle, right sides together. When I had it all stitched on and the pins were gone, I went back and stitched it all the way around again.

Bottle carrier re 5

This way I could be sure the seam was reinforced and not skimpy at any point.

The tube already stood up by itself. Hurray! Now for the lining.Bottle carrier re 6

I put the right sides together of the zebra fabric with the iron on batting already applied.

I again used a quarter inch seam.

At some point you want to fold the strap in on both sides and press, the fold and press again.

Now stitch it down. You could have used some batting or interfacing but I wanted my softer and floppier.

Before the two sides are sewn together, the strap has to be sewn and stitched onto the grey tube.

Bottle carrier re 7I placed the grey straps equidistant from the seam. I stitched them down twice.Bottle carrier re 8

Being careful to make sure that the straps were out of the way, I stitched the two tubes together.

Make sure they are right sides together and that you slip out the pins as you sew.

The tube was too narrow to slip over the arm of the sewing machine, it's like doing a sleeve on a child's dress or blouse.

I then turned the tube right side out and made sure it looked how I wanted it to.

Bottle carrier re 10At this point, you might think it's reversible, but it's not.

There is no bottom zebra circle.

I put the lining out and went around that bottom with a zig zag stitch to attach it firmly. If you wanted it to be reversible, you would have to hand stitch a zebra circle on at this point, covering the seam.Bottle carrier re 12

I adore mine. It's a basic fabric with a fun lining. Do you recognize that nubby grey fabric? I made pillows from it originally, this is a bit of a leftover.

Carrying my water with me in style makes me sew happy!

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