Christmas in July? No Thank You!

In the past week I have gotten dozens of emails promoting this or that Christmas in July event. And quilt  themed reminders are the most plentiful. I may be the only person who feels this way but Christmas in July? No thank you!

Let me explain why.a baking

1. Confusion - I forget things, I admit it. I got the first of those emails and thought, Christmas is in July? I don't need that kind of worry.

2. Weather - I live in the Chicago area. We had the world's worst winter last year. In fact, it seems like the snow just melted. Talking about Christmas reminds me of that weather. Don't.

3. Once is enough - Having Christmas in December isn't enough? You really want to get your money's worth out of those decorations that badly?

4. Summer - Summer is a perfectly wonderful season with its own celebrations. It's hard to fit in all the cool things I want to do. Go swimming, eat on a patio or take in a baseball game. Just leave summer alone.a summer

5. Stress - Christmas is stressful for people. Lists, chores and then there's family obligations. Let's just forget all about it for a while. (Family is an obligation for others, not mine of course. I love you guys!)

6. Guilt - Yes, I do sew and yes, I know I should start my holiday sewing now. I GET IT! (Breaks out in hives.)

7. Colors - This red and green stuff had its turn. We're into pastels if we have a tan and for us pasty folks, bright tropical colors. Red and green, move aside, next!

8. Decorations - Some of the people in my neighborhood have barely gotten their decorations down, don't encourage them.a july

9. Clothing - Christmas is about eating, summer is about less clothes. Those two do not combine. When you eat, you want to cover up!

10. Quilts - I just got my Christmas quilts and sewing done from last year. Can't I have some time to work on something else? Please!

See me in December. I can handle Christmas in December.

It's all marketing, use summer as your theme. If I don't see another "Christmas in July" special sale that would make me sew happy.

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And, you don't need 6 months to make a Christmas quilt. I made one in a week last DECEMBER. Read about it here.

Short on summer fun ideas? Check out this blog post from June. (A summer month)

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