Apron for a Toddler

My favorite thing to sew is a quilt, hands down. After that I love to sew things for my children and grandchild. When it became apparent to me that she was interested in cooking I knew I had to make an Apron for a Toddler. You should try it, it's way more fun than a regular apron!


On Memorial day, Zara was helping me make fruit salad. This fruit salad was just for family so when I say "help" you know that I mean sortof handle and sample.

I needed to buckle down and  make her one in her size. And while I was at it, one for my house! And one to match for her Mom and me.

First thing was to choose a fabric for her.

To make a small apron you need a piece about 20 inches wide and 14 inches long. You actually need two of those, one for the apron and one for the lining.small apron re 1 Plus I cut two 3.5" strips of fabric for the neck tie and apron string.

I pressed the edges in on all sides of one strip and on the long sides of the other. Then I pressed them together and stitched the sides together.

I cut both strips in half and saved one of the open ended ones for the apron at my house.

You can see where I pinned them on one side of the apron.

I sewed them down to secure them and then sewed both sides of the apron right sides together. I left a gap to turn it inside out.

20140704_194632I stitched that gap together with a decorative stitch after I turned it right side out and pressed it.

I really liked the way it turned out and the bigger ones as well.20140704_160643-1

Zara loved it also. She shrieked with delight when I gave it to her and wore it most of the day.

We had to tie up the back. Toddlers have big heads to get a strap over but then they are small!

The straps were all about 20" long, they could have been shorter.

Did I just make one little apron for Zara? No way! I made two, one for her to have at home and one here.

That's all?

Well, no. I made a matching one for her Mom and a matching one for me. And what did my husband say? I would like a matching one also. So I will get on that.

10463902_10152648120582275_9218847883517354677_nYesterday my son in law posted a picture of Zara and her Mom cooking, wearing their matching aprons.

It made me swoon with happiness.

Plus, it was fun to make something I normally sew only smaller. I should do that with quilts!

Sew happy!

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I have one favorite apron I made, it was from French Impressionism fabric. You can read it here.

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