Pretend Precuts for Quilting

Precuts are a standard part of quilting now. I fell heavily in love with charm packs, dabbled in layer cakes and flirted with jelly rolls. I even have blogged about them, once to explain them and other times to use them.

However (there's always a however on this blog!) I do crack up at the names sometimes. Seriously, it's a bake shop? Why not a hardware store? Victoria's Secret? My mind was amusing itself and a post was born. I present Pretend Precuts for Quilting.

That's Amore Precuts -Dean Martin thats_amore

Pizza - These are circles of fabric from 16 inches in diameter (Familia) to 3 inches. (Personal size)

Slices - these are triangle shaped pieces of fabric

PizzaPepperoni Slices - These are triangle shaped pieces of fabric in polka dot fabric

Not NYC - 5 inch squares or you might know them as charm packssquares

Chicago Style - Fatter and fuller triangles, made from pre quilted fabric.

Pasta - Quilters can not live by pizza slices alone, sometimes they need a strip of fabric!

How about those precut ideas?

Too much?

Well just hold on, I've got more ideas!

Colorful vegetables and fruitsVegetable Stand Precuts - 

Onions - Want strips of fabrics rolled up? Then just ask for an onion!

Asparagus spears - You prefer rectangles? No problem, these 7" by 2" pieces are perfect for you but no hollandaise sauce on the side, please.

Cucumber slices - Nice little 2' circles, so fun and fresh.

Tomato slices - Medium 4' circles of fabric and no seeds!

Veggie lasagna - As assortment of all of the above plus a pasta. (See That's Amore.)

This food talk is making me hungry. Let's create a new kind of precut.

Barbie and Ken Precuts - barbie

Barbie's hat box - 3" circles of fabric (not to be confused with cucumbers or tomatoes.)

Barbie's sports car - Twice the size of an asparagus spear and twice the mph!

Barbie Bling- a precut diamond shaped fabric. Sparkly fabrics preferred.

Ken + Barbie = precut hearts. (Awwwww!)

What follows love and marriage?

You guessed it!

Sextuplets-jon-and-kate-plus-8-3057025-797-400Sextuplet Precuts -

What's the latest crazy in quilting? Hexies. And how many sides do they have?  Six sides, get it?bee1

Bee hive - small hexies

large hexiesFloor tiles - large hexies

Soccer balls - 6" circles of fabric and not to be confused with cucumbers or tomatoes200px-Soccerball

Oh boy, that's a lot of precuts.

And a fair amount of silliness.

What is not so silly is that the first time I encounter each precut with a bakery term I feel stupid that I don't know what it is.

But they are just made up names, just like these.  No need to feel intimidated by any quilting terms or names. We are just having fun cutting up fabric and sewing it back together again.

And precuts allow me to not always cut that fabric up myself.

Sew happy!

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Charm packs are great but what I would really like is an intern. Read this previously published post.

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