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Q & A With a blogger day - Kelley Farrell

As you read the title of this post you probably figured out that today is Q & A With a blogger day.  Another blogger interviewed me while I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Kelley Farrell who writes not one but two blogs here at ChicagoNow. Kelley has diverse interests as demonstrated by her blogs. Originally she... Read more »

Orange and blue T-shirt quilt was a Father's day hit

I finished Cliff’s Orange and blue T-shirt quilt and it was a hit. Technically it was supposed to be for Father’s day but I was too excited to wait. I gave it to him on Friday night. He got home from golfing as I took the last stitc I had written about it in another... Read more »

Visit to Quilter's Hall Of Fame in Marion, Indiana

The parking and entrance are in the back but the front is very charming. The area surrounding this lovely restored home is quite shabby so it gives you a good idea of all the work they did.  Marie Webster lived and quilted here but not until she was 50 years old. She also designed and sold patterns and kits.
I decided I wanted to visit the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana so that is exactly what we did. Last summer we had visited quilt stores in Indianapolis and Amish country twice so I am a fan of what is going on in the Quilt world in Indiana. I wish that we had... Read more »

I broke a Quilt rule today

I took a class on how to make a quilt in 1983 and I made two sampler quilts in that year. I liked the class very much and it was very old school. I could never take this class today but I take a certain perverse pleasure in learning how to quilt in such a... Read more »

Pretend Precuts for Quilting

Precuts are a standard part of quilting now. I fell heavily in love with charm packs, dabbled in layer cakes and flirted with jelly rolls. I even have blogged about them, once to explain them and other times to use them. However (there’s always a however on this blog!) I do crack up at the... Read more »

Saying hello is easy and important

I live in the Midwest, in a small suburb southwest of the city of Chicago. I love my town and one of the things I love about it is The Plank Trail. I just got my bike fixed so I could ride it again. I even tweeted about it. My spiffed up bike, fresh from... Read more »

DIY Rag or Laundry Bag Tutorial

I collect rags, fine, now you know this about me. I use them for all kinds of different nasty little jobs. Even better is deciding that a towel or other item can no longer be used in any way. I then cut it up and add it to the rag bag. My Mother had a... Read more »

12 Facts about buttons

I have a collection of buttons. It includes my Mother’s button collection. I keep it in a tin on the top shelf of one of my sewing room armoires. You can see it but it’s very dynamic, I am constantly adding to it. When I get a shirt or coat with an extra button hanging... Read more »

Highs and lows of Buying and Owning an electric car

On May 12 I went to fill up my hybrid car with gasoline. When the nozzle clicked that it was done, I removed it and was drenched in gasoline. Apparently it was just kidding when it clicked but the opening in my car snapped shut so that last blast sprayed me. Initially,  I was horrified... Read more »

New quilting trends named (or are they?)

I know I wrote a blog post about low volume fabrics and quilts but it made me giggle a bit. So muted, tone on tone or practically solid weren’t modern enough? This trend had to be low volume? I guess it’s fun to start and name your own trend. We were discussing this fun at... Read more »