New quilting trends named (or are they?)

I know I wrote a blog post about low volume fabrics and quilts but it made me giggle a bit. So muted, tone on tone or practically solid weren't modern enough? This trend had to be low volume? I guess it's fun to start and name your own trend.

We were discussing this fun at Quilt Guild and actually came up with a name that we hope will be the next new trend. I am just going to sit back and see what happens as this term gets seeded out there.

But why stop there?

Should we not all come up with a bunch of trends, heck, we are trend setters, yes?  And the best part is that these trends can just be renaming something that's been around for ever.a low volume

I will start.

Quilting loco - just like crazy quilts but with a Spanish twist. ¡Olé!

Intact fabric quilting - I will quilt on fabric that I haven't cut. Yes, it's sortof like Whole Cloth but the initials are cooler, IFQ.

Striation sewing - Using striped fabric.

Ice quilting - Quilting either done while ice skating or outside when it is below freezing.

Decaffeinated quilts - These will be used to help you sleep, in other words bed quilts.

Plaid is the new neutral - Use of plaids in quilts, previously known as Ralph Lauren comforters

Quilted underwear - Hot new trend. Literally, these will keep you very warm.

Duet quilts - One person does the piecing and another one quilts it. Like many quilts are done today but without this musical name.

Discreet quilting - The act of making small and not very noticeable quilts. Goodbye mini quilts, hello discreet quilting.

Hard copy quilt - The actual quilt, not an image of one on Pinterest.

Crop circle quilting - Quilting completed at night by unknown, possibly other world quilters.

A. Lincoln style - Where was our 16th President born? Yep, in a log cabin which now has a new title.

Dial up Quilting - The opposite of broadband, ie, quilting done slowly.

Not your Grandfather's quilt - Any quilt at all, unless your grandfather quilted

Broadband quilting - The opposite of dial up, ie, quilting done quickly.

Non pre cuts - fabric by the yard, it's the hottest thing now.

High frequency quilting - Quilting that only a dog can hear when it's being done.

Active Crime scene quilts - Quilts with a yellow border

Color me Sad quilts - Quilts done in subdued colors, previously known as low volume.

OK - your turn. What new quilting trends can you start right here, right now?

Quilt humor makes me sew happy!

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