DIY Low Volume Baby Quilt

In May, I raised my hand to learn about low volume fabrics and quilts for a Naperville Modern Quilt Guild presentation. (I know, raising my hand is a bad habit of mine.) Our guild had that discussion last night and I brought in fabrics, some pictures and a Low Volume Baby Quilt. I am very pleased how it turned out so I will let you know how I made it.

White quilt re 1I had 25 pieces of white and cream low volume fabric varying from an eighth of a yard to two yards. White quilt re 3

I divided them into a white pile and a cream pile. The third pile is low volume fabrics I really liked but didn't feel would fit in a baby quilt.

I cut two 3.5" strips from each fabric and matched a cream with a white.

I sewed them together and kept the extra bits on the side.

White quilt re 4

I sliced up each sewn group into a 3.5 inch piece.

I then matched up 3 pieces to make up the beginning of a nine inch 9 patch block. Sometimes I could turn a 4th piece and cut an extra 3.5" square. White quilt re 5Other times I had to cut 3 new squares or take apart a matched piece.

I placed them on my design board with a "white" block next to a "cream block" meaning that there were 5 white squares in a white block or 5 cream squares in a cream block. Each row had four nine inch blocks.

I chose 9 patch because of the number nine. I was planning on donating this quilt to a hospital for a special baby who never come home from the hospital.

White quilt re 6An average pregnancy lasts nine months.

So my average block had 5 of one fabric and 4 of another.

But in each row I put a scrappy block, that didn't have any squares that matched. For me that was for that special baby for whom at one point in the 9 months, things didn't go as planned. White quilt re 8

I made 16 blocks, 12 were normal 9 patches and 4 were scrappy. Four blocks per row, 36 inches each row.

I put them all on my design wall and played with them quite a bit.

White quilt re 9I loaded the quilt on my longarm and quilted it with circles. I like circles, they are like infinity or the circle of life.  I used white thread and a subtle cream and white stripe on the back.

You can see the quilting here as I was nearing the end of the binding.

I bound it in white and sewed it on with white thread. The finished quilt is a 36" square.

Here I am two inches from finishing the binding and guess what, the bobbin ran out. I had just posted a quilt funny on my Facebook page about that a few days before.

I ended up finished the binding on June 26th, the day my son would have turned 30 and it felt right White quilt re 10to do that.

Here is the complete quilt being held up by my husband.

I was very pleased with it.White quilt re 11

I am hoping that whoever gets this quilt will find some hope or some solace from it.

I snapped a picture of it on my back deck also and posted it on my Facebook page to mark the day and I got wonderful responses.

I want to again mention the post in Wombat Quilts which gave me this idea. Mine is a variation on what she made.

I will be bringing it to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn in a few days. I chose that hospital because it is where my own daughter gave birth to a tiny still born in 2011. I know they will find the right baby to wrap in this Quilt of Love.

Quilting is always a pleasure for me but sometimes it is therapy. This quilt was very therapeutic to make. It was the perfect project for a not so perfect month. I am very grateful that the month and the quilt are both completed.

Being able to donate this quilt makes me sew happy.

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Here is my original post about low volume quilts which started this project.  And here's a silly one that came from the low volume concept.

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