Quilt version of Would You Rather

I like board games and I love to talk. (And you may have noticed, write!) I also love anything quilt related and retreats are one of those! I have never been on one. When I needed the chance to sew away from kids, etc. I didn't have the money or time to spare.  Now that I do I really can't leave my memory foam mattress and chairs designed for my own back. But I know I need to go on one and get outside of my comfort zone.

For me, it's like a quilt version of would you rather. Would you rather enjoy the company of like minded quilters or sleep and sew in ergonomic comfort?rather 3

Then I thought, wait this is a fun thought pattern. Let's do more!

1. Would you rather not be able to sew at all for 3 months or only an hour a day for a year?

2. Would you rather sew a quilt for your least favorite person in the whole world or have a quilt of yours ruined?

3. Would you rather win a major quilt prize or a sewing room redo?

4. Would you rather sit by the quilt police at a guild meeting or be in a workshop run by one?

5. Would you rather buy fabric on vacation or on a shop hop?

6. Would you rather have unlimited time to sew or unlimited money to buy sewing supplies?

7. Would you rather have a quilt blown away in a tornado or burn up in a fire?

8. Would you rather have a quilt judge criticize your skills or your fabric choice?rather 2

9. Would you rather spill wine or smear chocolate on a quilt?

10. Would you rather quilt with family or friends?

11. Would you rather have a child or an animal have an accident on your quilt?

12. Would you rather go to a quilt show or get a quilt book?

13. Would you rather run out of the fabric you're using or the thread?

14. Would you rather test your stash limits after a zombie or alien invasion?

15. Would you rather be an quilter in the past or in the future?

16. Would you rather have a thief take your quilts or inherited treasures?

17. Would you rather sell a quilt or rob a bank for life saving funds?

18. Would you rather break your leg you use on the machine pedal or the arm you use to quilt with?

19. Would you rather own a quilt store or a quilt magazine?

20. Would you rather your child not like your quilts or your cooking?

21. Would you rather have your quilt design stolen and never seen again or win a prize for another quilter?

22. Would you rather lose your love for quilting or eating?rather

23. Would you rather have first class, top drawer quilting skills but not enjoy it or continue as you are?

24. Would you rather sit by the quilters who won't be quiet in a great quilt lecture or by the compliant, quiet quilters in a boring quilt lecture?

25. Would you rather quilt or sew.  (Finally an easy one, either one!)

Which one is hardest for you? Lots would be hard for me.

The easiest for me was #20 as I don't really cook that much, or at least have much ego tied up in it.

I am thinking this might be a fun activity at a quilt retreat, yes or no?

Quilting at home or with friends, it all makes me sew happy.

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Here's another variation on this theme. Quilting is like ----. I wrote a blog on one possibility.

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