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The Great Gatsby Book Club

The Great Gatsby is a staple of many American Lit classes in High School. I read it but when I reread it for book club, I really didn’t remember a word of it. I was so impressed by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s use of language. I can’t imagine having understood this book when I was in... Read more »

12 Fascinating facts about needles and pins

As quilters and sewists we use needles and pins all the time. Sometimes we poke ourselves with them, ouch! But what do we really know about them? Maybe all we need to know or maybe not. Let’s learn some fascinating facts about needles and pins. 1. What were early needles made of? They were made... Read more »

Quilt version of Would You Rather

I like board games and I love to talk. (And you may have noticed, write!) I also love anything quilt related and retreats are one of those! I have never been on one. When I needed the chance to sew away from kids, etc. I didn’t have the money or time to spare.  Now that... Read more »

Quilt labels are an emotional subject

I used to label some of my quilts, then I stopped. Recently I posted a post about labels on my facebook page and got a lively reaction to it. I was surprised and then I realized, Quilt labels are an emotional subject! There were 27 comments on this label idea and 12 comments indicated that... Read more »

Questions at the Quilt Show

Ever worked the front desk at a quilt show? Me either! But I hear stories from lots of quilt buddies. Neither of my guilds do shows, but one used to. I am not saying they stopped because of Questions at the Quilt Show but I’m not denying it either. Dialogue #1  Q –  Are these... Read more »

Quilt which shows too many US women are dying in childbirth

When I first entered Mother Me, the quilts jumped out at me.
Mother’s day weekend is a joyous yet complicated time. Husbands, daughters and sons honor their mothers and it’s beautiful to behold. Other people hurt as they are missing children who died, their own mother or their children that never were. And in other homes, babies and young children miss their mothers who died in childbirth.... Read more »

Teacher gift ideas for retirement or end of year

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching, words which bring a smile to many faces. I have had a slew of emails asking about teacher gift ideas for retirement or end of year. This surprised me but I am glad to help. If you have a teacher that has really gone above and... Read more »

First round of Round Robin is Done

I am no longer a Round Robin newbie, nope, I am now a veteran.  Well, that might be too strong a word. Hmmm, maybe I can merely boast that the first round of round robin is done! I am very happy that not only did I undertake this new challenge but that I completed the... Read more »

Letters to a New Mom: Free advice is worth what you paid for it

Hi New Moms on your first Mother’s day! ChicagoNow bloggers are all writing you letters. I bet the thing you want the most in life is advice from us. Or maybe just some sleep instead, huh? Just ignore all the advice, even mine, because what I have found in life is that free advice is worth... Read more »

Learn to quilt and keep your brain sharp

NPR published an article that 4 different people sent to me in different ways. The article’s point was that you should learn to quilt and keep your brain sharp. I am really hoping that multiple people forwarded this to me because when they see the word “quilt” they think of me. There is the possibility... Read more »