Letters to a New Mom: Free advice is worth what you paid for it

Hi New Moms on your first Mother's day! ChicagoNow bloggers are all writing you letters. I bet the thing you want the most in life is advice from us. Or maybe just some sleep instead, huh? Just ignore all the advice, even mine, because what I have found in life is that free advice is worth what you paid for it .

Yep, free parenting advice is worth nothing most of the time because being a Mom is so darn specific. It's all about you, your situation and your baby.

I built my family in the 80's. I got pregnant the first time I tried with my older daughter and delivered her C-section. It took a while with my son, he was delivered V-BAC and died four days later from Congenital heart disease. My youngest daughter came to me on a plane from Korea. Just like your family, am I right?

Of course it's not just like your family. Duh! And unless your situation is just like mine, my advice is probably useless. However, that won't stop me from continuing to write this blog!

Most advice you get is useless but this is especially true for new moms. If a human being has spent time near a baby they feel like they can offer advice.advice

This got so ridiculous for my daughter that I wrote a blog about it. People who read it recommended I buy this shirt for my granddaughter. Come to think of it, that was actually pretty good advice.

When I posted a similar picture of her in this t-shirt, people loved it. Cause everyone is sick of people giving unsolicited advice to parents.

Now this doesn't mean you might not seek out information from friends, relatives or the internet. My daughter found some good groups on Facebook. She read some books. She controlled the advice and sought out what she needed.

And seriously who takes advice from random strangers in the mall?

There are resources out there. My daughter's friend recently googled, what to do if your kid spits in your face.  She found some good tips!

But the rest of it is just people being busy bodies and I swear they can smell a new mom and jump all over her.

You've got this cute baby to love and take care of and you will figure it all out!  And this sleep deprivation thing? It gets you ready for when your baby drives or when you are middle aged and have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. In other words, the rest of your life.

But this is a group letter to you all and we're supposed to give some advice.

This is all I really know for sure from raising my kids.

1. Don't feed a baby a poppy seed bagel whose diaper you will change.

2. When a screaming child gets out of seat belts, etc. and tries to jump out of your van, put the car in park and THEN grab her.

That's it. And I even forgot rule #1 and fed my granddaughter a poppy seed bagel the other day. So I ignored my own advice.

Now I think I will go work on a new quilt for my granddaughter because that's something I know how to do! I am most excellent at making baby quilts, bibs and other cute stuff.

Advice on your baby, pfff. Making  baby quilts? That makes me sew happy!

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I wrote a blog which motivated the shirt purchase. You can read it here.

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