Book Club for Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

One of the pleasures of my life is book club.  I am having three of them at my house this month as the calendars seem to have collided. I usually make something new for the meeting/meal but I didn't this time. However, I did debut a table runner that I had made and never used before. I heartily recommend that you not only read this book but also have a book club for Major Pettigrew's Last Stand.

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First let's talk about the book.

I thought it was just great, in fact I picked it and that's why we met at my house. I like books which surprise me and have a happy ending. I found our discussion questions here but there are also questions in the back of the newer paperbacks.

Besides reading and discussing what else do we do?

Well, we eat!mp 2 re

For nibbles ahead of time I served dried fruits and nuts. There were lots leftover which I love, I could eat these all day long.

I also served a main course of Chicken Tikka Masala, rice and naan bread.

pm 3 reEveryone loved the Chicken Tikka Masala, there was just a small bite left for my husband to try. Everyone wanted the recipe and I was happy to share it but it wasn't mine, I got it from All  I didn't put in the jalapeño, reduced the salt by half and forgot the fresh cilantro in the fridge.

I hate it when I do things like that but someone from club was happy to take it home. Phew!

I served iced water and two kinds of hot tea throughout the meal and with the dessert and discussion.

I thought about making a lemon cake for the dessert. I wanted to have lemon cake because Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali have lemon cake when they go for tea the first 4 re

We were by a wonderful bakery, Aracely's in LaGrange, and I thought, I bet they have a great lemon cake. And they did plus a clever little orange cake. Then this morning I saw these delightful lemon/cranberry rice Krispie treats and so I got a favor for everyone.

I put all these lovely treats on my brand new table runner I made from pre cuts. I made three of them in a jiffy over the winter, you can read that post and make one yourself!

mp 1 reI bought a brand new Indian bedspread for super cheap on Amazon and used it as a table cloth. I had this kind of bedspread when I went to college my Freshman year.  Nearly everyone I knew had one. Perhaps it was a rule?

At this meeting we all picked dates for the next 6 meetings, about one every other month. When my daughter started the book club, there were more people in it. Over the years some have drifted away. Right now we have 6 loyal members.

I think you would love having a book club.  Just ask your friends on Facebook or via email. It's fun to get together and do more reading.

But now I need your help. This club meets at my house again next March. Any books you can recommend? I am fresh out of fiction that I've really enjoyed.

Reading makes me sew happy! (Well, so does sewing and fine, eating also!)

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My last post about reading and sewing was for the Dreaming in Cuban book club. You can read it here.

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