Quilting is the answer

In my life there are various and assorted problems and situations which arise on a daily basis. Sometimes money is the answer, occasionally a good disinfectant is needed, often chocolate will help but I find that more often than not, quilting is the answer. Yep, it’s the answers for most of life’s pesky quandaries. Let me solve your problems for you and you shall see how easy it can be.

99 problems

Problem #1 – Do you have extra money you just don’t know what to do with? You guessed it, quilting is the answer. You will never have to worry about how to spend your money again.

Problem #2 – Empty nest got you down? All the kids are gone and you don’t know how to utilize that suddenly freed up bedroom? Oh boy, is quilting ever your answer. Quilting accoutrement will fill that space in no time.

Problem #3 – Cold nights where you live? A/C up too high? I’ve got just the answer and it’s quilting.  Snuggle up under those lovely quilts you made in that newly converted bedroom, voilà, problem warmly solved.

Problem #4 – Are you walking around looking too sophisticated? People are constantly mistaking you for a super model? I am here to help – quilting is your answer. Before you know it, you’ll be covered in threads. You’ll be sporting clever t-shirts that say things like “Quilters don’t do buttons.” No one will ever mistake you for a super model again. Problem solved.

Problem #5 – Too many closets in your home sweet home, just not sure what to put in them? Worry no longer dear homeowner that will no longer be your concern. Quilting is sew totally your answer. You will have fabric for starters. Then you will have quilts. Followed by more fabric, much more fabric. Did I mention machines, gadgets, thread and books? Oh and more fabric! We are just taking care of all your problems right here.

Problem #6 – Starting to forget a few things, dearie? (Wait, what am I writing about? Oh yes, quilting.) Quilting is your answer. Your brain will be recharged and refreshed, quilting is definitely the answer for keeping you and your memory sharp. (Where did I put those scissors?)

Problem #7 – No one knows what presents to get you? No more generic gifts! Quilting is the perfect answer. Scissors, thimbles, books, fabric and all kinds of nifty calendars, mugs and even clothing. (See problem #4.) No one will wonder ever again what the perfect gift is for yours truly.

Problem #8 – Stuck at home with no place to go and no one to do it with? Honey, this is the hobby for you. Quilting is the perfect answer. Quilt guilds and quilt shops will fill your days. Shop hops, classes and community service will be on your calendar. Road trip to Paducah, bus trip to Amish country and quilting cruises to Alaska await you.

Problem #9 – You don’t have enough pretentious unfriendly people in your life? Oopsie, quilting is not the answer to this problem. Not at all. Quilters are salt of the earth good people who just happen to have a lot of threads on them!

I think you get my point, quilting is the answer. If quilting can’t make it better then just don’t even worry about it. Because for all the best people and most vexing problems, quilting IS the answer.

Sew happy!

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Every once in a while, quilting also gives us a problem to solve. Here's a post about that.

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