Quilt power

Quilters are special people, my favorite people in fact. Alone we might be solitary piecers but together, we are powerful! In fact it's high time we realizes what we have, Quilt Power!

What are some examples of quilt power? I thought you'd never ask.quilt power

Quilt power can turn an ordinary bedroom into a sanctuary of creativity. And scraps.

Quilt power can take bits of fabric and make them into a beautiful whole. Eventually.

Quilt power can transform a sleepy town into a quilters' paradise. If Jenny Doan lives there.

Quilt power can keep a child warm. You still have to provide the drink of water.

Quilt power can put women on a bus and have them buy endless yards of fabrics. Until the credit cards decline.

Quilt power makes you think about saving the quilt rather than staunching the blood. Then apply chocolate.

Quilt power can provide the cornerstone for an entire Artist colony. Not to mention the mecca of Quilt stores.

Quilt power can create a gift that bring tears to a bride's eye. We can also make a hanky to dry them.

Quilt power is in all of us.

It's in our hands, our needles and our stash.

Now let's show the world how wonderful quilt power is!

Get out there and sew!

Quilt power makes me Sew happy!

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Quilters have to be strong women. Read this post and find out why.

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