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David Letterman retirement and baby boomers

I am a proud member of the baby boomer generation which is strictly classified as babies born between 1946 and 1964. That’s stretching it in my opinion, 18 years is too much for one generation, even one as terrific as mine. I think the true baby boomers were born in the 1950’s as the GI’s... Read more »

Haiku for quilts

Lately it seems like everyone is writing Haiku poetry, on twitter and in blogs, on Facebook and on the web. I thought, I can do this. I can write Haiku for quilts.  First I looked  it up on   to make sure I followed the rules. 1. a major form of Japanese verse, written in... Read more »

Repeat sewing projects

I am stuck sewingwise. My head is in a vortex of ideas that haven’t settled out. I go up to the sewing room and I cannot start a new project. Sometimes when I am like this I just have to sew something, anything. It’s like faking it until you make it. I am making another... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuba book club

Friday night was our Dreaming in Cuba book club. There were supposed to be nine of us but we ended up with 7, still a pretty good number for discussing a book. I had the best time because everyone let me show pictures from Cuba. I even loaded them into a Powerpoint presentation so I... Read more »

Art in Cuba and my next quilt

An Island such as Cuba is never very far from water. When I think of Cuba, I think of water, I want that in my quilt.
Our recent trip to Cuba was a People to People trip designed to educate us about not only the people who live there but how they express themselves. We visited schools, heard music, went to concerts, experienced organic farming and reclaimed coffee plantations. Throughout the week, we saw art, much of it urban. I loved... Read more »

Quilting is the new cool

I think of sewing as being a somewhat traditional hobby, no longer taught in schools. However, I’ve been reading lately how it’s making a comeback. And who is really embracing it? Hipsters. I know, it surprised me also. When I discovered that Hipsters sew and blog, I tweeted “Hipsters blog and sew. I blog and... Read more »

7 reasons for keeping your own last name

I teach a lesson on Spanish names that explains how everyone in Spain and Mexico has a name on their birth certificate which they carry through life. People have their first name, their father’s last name and their mother’s paternal last name. As one of my students explained, “So if Beyoncé and JayZee lived there,... Read more »

DIY Glasses case tutorial

I have some really big sunglasses that I wanted to take with me on our recent trip to Cuba.  However the case they came with is the size of a small coffin. It’s a hard case, which I know is the best way to protect them, but it takes up too much room in my... Read more »

Sewing in Cuba

My husband and I just got back from 8 days in Cuba, a fantastic adventure! I am still mulling over all I saw and learned in our People to People government authorized experience. I am sure there will be more posts about this journey but I wanted to write first about sewing in Cuba. People... Read more »

More Quilt Memes

I feel this way a lot!
I know, I’ve published before galleries of Quilt memes. But admit it, you loved them, me too. You want More Quilt Memes? Here they are! I had to admit that I see the world from a Quilt meme perspective now. I watch a show, see a movie or see a non quilt meme and I... Read more »
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