Dreaming in Cuba book club

Friday night was our Dreaming in Cuba book club. There were supposed to be nine of us but we ended up with 7, still a pretty good number for discussing a book. I had the best time because everyone let me show pictures from Cuba. I even loaded them into a Powerpoint presentation so I could show slides on the big screen TV! I was lucky to have the assistance of my IT guy, better known as my husband. He also taught me how to switch to music after the slides. I played my Cuban CD's but quite frankly I didn't even hear them. I was in the flow of the moment!

200px-DreamingInCubanBookCoverDo you remember the post where I discussed meeting Cristina Garcia? You can read it here if you missed it.

She was not able to Skype into our meeting but I did find questions online, yay! Apparently, these questions are in later editions of the book, mine was just too old. bc art re 4

I sewed a hem around the car fabric and used different colored Fiesta plates as salad plates, I am excited to have bought those. I will use them a lot now!

I also used different colored napkins folded into each glass.

In the middle of the table I put fake Cuban license plates which I had bought at an Artisan market. Then I found little cars and put them in the middle also. I had put all the leaves in the table so we had plenty of room.

bc art re 5Here's a close up of the middle of the table.

And yes, I did take the picture upside down.

We ate great food! But I made too much of it. Isn't that always the truth.

I would make sure I had a rice maker and a panini maker to make your life sew much easier.

I served:

  • Cuba libres for the welcome cocktail. (Coke, rum, ice and lime)
  • Ice water
  • White rice
  • Black beans
  • Cuban sandwiches (ham, pork, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard cooked on a Panini grill)
  • Cucumber and tomato salad with Cuban dressing from Marianos
  • Platter of tropical fruit (pineapple, guava, papaya and mango)
  • Coconut ice gelato (which is delicious)
  • Mini samplers of cheesecake
  • Cuban coffee (also regular coffee, decaf coffee, French press coffee and hot tea. Everyone likes a different hot beverage.)

We had a wonderful time and it let me continue my Cuban obsession. This was continued through the weekend as we got two pieces of Cuban art back from Frame Masters in Matteson. Here are all three of them.

bc art re 3My husband picked out the truck drawing and car photograph and they are in the living room.bc art re 2 I picked out the map of Cuba created using waterfalls and framed in Cuba using corrugated cardboard. It is hung in my office.

I like having pieces of art in my house along with my quilts and books. They inspire me and my own creativity. I need it now as I am a bit stuck since I got back from vacation. I need to get sewing!

bc art re 1Quilts, art and books make me  Sew happy!

How about you? Do you belong to any book clubs and have a book to recommend to me? Do you hang quilts and art on your walls?

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Yes, I have been writing about Cuba lately. I like to really investigate a subject that interests me. Here is a post about Cuban sewing and one about Cuban art.

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