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When I worked full time my automatic response was usually No, sorry, I have to work.  I had a full time job, I was a single Mom for a while, I had my girls and I was tired. Once I retired I decided I wanted to have a new automatic answer. My resolve became Default response YES. It's been just great!

I wanted to try as many things as I could and answer YES whenever possible.Yes

Did I want to teach Spanish at a new Junior College? Why yes, yes I did. I had done it at night but I changed to a new school and taught during the day. I've even gotten to teach a class on Medical Spanish.

Did I want to join a book club, or five? Yes! I have been part of five book clubs since I retired and I am still an active member of three. One fell apart and another just wasn't for me. But I tried them and met new people and read books I would never have read.

Did I want to accompany my husband on a business trip? Yes! I went with him to LA and then we were able to spend a weekend in San Diego and I got to see whales and dolphins in the wild. I was so glad to have said yes.

Did I want to learn how to golf? Why yes, I do. I got snazzy purple clubs and shoes with my initials on them. I took lessons. I got pink balls. I pretty much hated it but hey, I tried it!

Did I want to join Yelp? Yes, of course, I like to write and try new places. I loved it so much my whole family joined, we became Elites and go to events. We've met new people and had a grand time.

Did I want to write a blog? Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I started one on blogger and then I moved here to ChicagoNow. It's been great for meeting new people, honing my writing skills and keeping me sewing.

Did I want to try Yoga? Yes, of course. I got clothes and a mat, I made a bag for my mat. I tried it at a gym and two studios. I kept waiting to like it. I am still waiting.

Did I want to babysit my new granddaughter? Yes, oh yes. It's been so much fun and yes, some crying and poop, but so much love.say yes

Did I want to drive 90 minutes to hear lectures? Yes, I do and I did. I went for two years and learned a lot. I did lectures on books also in various libraries and the city. I am always looking for new ones.

Did I want to attend a bunch of weddings? Yes, now I go to most of the weddings for which I get invites. I've been to Jamaica, attended an Indian wedding and a Jewish wedding. I've gone in the city, in the suburbs and seen so many beautiful brides. And I cry almost every time.

Did I want to join an Aqua Exercise class? Yes, and four years later I am still in class. I've made some good friends and even gotten some exercise.

Did I want to join a quilt guild? Yes times two! I drive around and learn new things. I don't make every meeting but I make a lot of them and enjoy myself. I've even submitted quilts for national quilt shows, it's all about stretching yourself.

Did I want to sew for money? Or become a shrill for someone on my blog? Um, No. I say Yes most of the time but NOT all the time!

It's been terrific to say YES. Try it, make it your default.  This is just a sampling of the adventures I have had. You'll do a few things you don't love but you might really surprise yourself and learn new things and meet new people!

I even said YES when a retirement site asked me to do a guest post. It's on doing things sooner rather than later. You can read it by clicking here.

Sew happy!

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