David Letterman retirement and baby boomers

I am a proud member of the baby boomer generation which is strictly classified as babies born between 1946 and 1964. That's stretching it in my opinion, 18 years is too much for one generation, even one as terrific as mine. I think the true baby boomers were born in the 1950's as the GI's got home, got married and had kids. It was a great moment to be a child.

Our schools were overcrowded so they built new ones. Kids were everywhere so they created parks. Colleges were crowded so they built new dorms. By sheer numbers alone we were a force to be reckoned with and so we were the first generation to be given a name. Now they just give them letters, we had a two word moniker.

Bill Gates,  Steve Jobs, Oprah and Hillary Clinton were all baby boomers. Civil Rights, Rock and Roll, Informational Technology, Women's rights, changes in politics and globalization were brought about by baby boomers. We thought we could change the world and in many ways we did.love_peace_hippie_saying_sticker-rd4d237f61c5549b4ac765328edd1ccfe_v9waf_8byvr_512

We left some tasks for the XYZ generations and it's crazy to see how they complain about us. Like the peace love generation that we are, we brush it off.

In addition, we changed popular culture.  We made blue jeans what they are today. Hair became more casual as did attire in general.  Comedy changed as well and no one represented that  better than David Letterman.

The David Letterman retirement and baby boomers are related.  Across this country we are stepping down or aside. Or at the very least we are moving off center stage.

In our retirements many of us continue to work, produce and contribute. Take me for example. I taught for 35 years now I teach part time, blog and watch my granddaughter 3 days a week. I see myself as typical of my generation in some ways and different in others. It's time to admit, I really don't like jeans.

However, many Baby Boomers, like me, are really into their grandchildren. I see my generation being fully engaged in the grandparent role. We are down on the floor, at the recitals and providing the support system which we wished we had had.

David Letterman, the smirky former weatherman turned comedian turned talk show host, aged with his generation. He did things in a different way, like becoming a father late in life. He redefined comedy and talk shows and now he has announced that he'll be gone in 2015.  Gulp, we are getting old.

It's a bit hard to see him move on. I felt edgy and cool watching Letterman. He was our guy, not the smooth Johnny Carson or cosmopolitan Dick Cavett but a regular Midwest person. He spoke to us and for us and now, he's moving on.

Who knows what he will do next. I like to believe that it will be something his father didn't do. It will be fun to see.  Just a word to the wise, David, don't start a quilting blog. We baby boomers have got that covered.

Sew happy!

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When I am not blogging about quilts, I like to write about aging and baby boomers. Here's another one.

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