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Irish in Chicago Quilt part one

Quilts are always floating around in my head, ones I am making, ones I want to make, some I’ve seen and they mix up with the other thoughts that roam around in there. I’ve added in Irish musings for over a month lately as I planned my St. Patrick’s day clothes, activities and sewing. I’ve... Read more »

Frugal or spendthrift quilter? Yes

I love to buy fabric, love it. My idea of a great day is to go to a fabric store and just roll around in the fabrics. I like to buy a bunch for a project or maybe just a random piece that I happen to like. I would say that in general, I am... Read more »

What to do on National Quilting day

Saturday March 15 is National Quilting day. You may be wondering what to do on National Quilting day, I know I am. I have the what to wear problem solved, now there’s just the activity left to plan. I’ve divided my choices into several categories. Less effort required ideas Eat foods that begin with Q.... Read more »

What to wear in Chicago for St. Patrick's weekend

The Queen of the St. Patrick's day parade, Lauren Elizabeth Catinella, has her outfit all picked out. The rest of us, have to figure it out. (Photo source:Chicago Tribune)
How many of you are planning your Irish garb for the upcoming weekend? Me too! For those of us who are Irish we know that it’s not just a day, heck no, it’s a weekend here in Chicago. But what to wear? What if you are planning on doing other things this weekend? Fret no... Read more »

Delightful day at Pride of the Prairie Quilt show

Powered by Dad is not only a great house quilt by Sharon Nichols but tells a sweet story of her quilting it as she visited her father.
I am such a lucky quilter, I was able to attend two wonderful quilt shows two weekends in a row. What quilty bliss! Once again I was recharged and inspired by all the fantastic quilts I saw. I think they just give off creative molecules because I am raring to sew after two amazing weekends.... Read more »

Quilt theme song

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br> You can quilt it out is funny  but only to quilters.
What’s the theme song of your blog? A seemingly innocent question by our community manager had me scratching my head. A quilt theme song? A sewing song? When in doubt go to a search engine, yes? A search of YouTube provided some quilting and sewing songs, yes, it did. But the production value was, well,... Read more »

More Quilt e-cards

This one is based in my own life!
We all have hobbies, mine include sewing, quilting and e-card making. Yep, I am quite the addict. I started making them to bring people to my Facebook page and now I can’t stop. I used to just make them and send them out into the universe. When I would see them out in the universe,... Read more »

8 reasons why I am glad I am no longer teaching

I began teaching full time in the state of Illinois in September of 1975 and I loved it. It was scary but exhilarating. I worked like crazy, had some fears and doubts but got so much support and love from administrators, fellow teachers, parents and students over the years that I loved it right until... Read more »

DIY Fun and easy Irish table runner tutorial

I love being Irish, I just love it. I am not 100% Irish, more like 75% but it’s the part I claim and celebrate. We always had fun on St. Patrick’s day growing up so I have continued that into my adult life. I have Irish china, shirts, buttons and all kinds of green linens... Read more »

Magnificent day at Salt Creek Quilt Show

Old McDonald had a Farm by Roberta Butler was the first quilt I saw in the gymnasium. I had to line up to get the picture as everyone really liked it.
I had such a great day on Saturday and it’s all because of a quilt show. I just love going to quilt shows, don’t you? Let me tell you about my Magnificent day at Salt Creek Quilt Show This was a really good one. Lots of quilts, I mean tons of them! And they were... Read more »
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