Irish in Chicago Quilt part one

Quilts are always floating around in my head, ones I am making, ones I want to make, some I've seen and they mix up with the other thoughts that roam around in there. I've added in Irish musings for over a month lately as I planned my St. Patrick's day clothes, activities and sewing. I've had quilt envy of the Irish Chain quilt I made for my daughter so mix it all up and out popped a desire to make an Irish in Chicago Quilt.

Irish quilt re 6I started by looking at the book I used so many years ago. I added to that thought process a view of Chicago on St. Patrick's day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

How to combine the two?

Oh, and let's make it a modern quilt so the depiction will be abstract.

And why not put an additional boundary on this?

This will not be a quilt I will actually use so no bigger than 36" square.

Irish Chicago re 2I drew up some ideas.

This was one.

I refined it a bit. Irish quilt re 3

My concept was that if an Irish Chain is a series of squares and you deconstruct that, you should retain the squares.

If the quilt is going to be 36" square then 12 squares that finish at 3" ought to do the trick, yes?

Irish quilt re 4 Here's my plan.

Here are my fabrics.Irish quilt re 5

I have lots of greens left over from my Modern Green City quilt.

I have tons of grey from Zara's modern baby quilt.

And I have some random Irish fabrics that I am always collecting.

I cut strips from three different dark greys and one light. I cut them into 3.5 in squares.

I put them on the design wall to do Chicago's skyline.

That was easier than the river dyed green. And the bridge was the hardest of all.

Irish quilt re 7Did I stick to my plan? Mainly.

I made some changes as I went along, the biggest was to delete the half square triangles.

I decided I wanted this to be a deconstructed Irish chain so I went with all squares.Irish Quilt re 9

I have all solids except for the banks of the river where there are trees. I used the shamrock fabric for that.

When I had it all up on the design wall I paused. I doubted. I wondered.

Then, what the heck I took a leap of faith and started sewing those squares together in horizontal strips.

Whenever I make a quilt I have one in my head but I end up with a slightly different one and I have to reconcile the differences.

This quilt is not yet finished but it's close. I am not sure yet if it communicates all that I wanted, a deconstructed Irish chain depiction of the Chicago river dyed green for St. Patrick's weekend in Chicago. Try saying that twice!

Stay tuned, I will post the final results as soon as I have finished.

In the meantime, Sew happy!

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