In defense of excessive social media use

It's blogapalooza time once again and here is tonight's one hour challenge.

Write a post passionately defending your guilty pleasure(s). Think food, TV shows, celebrities, publications, movies, in-laws, whatever it is that probably kind of sucks but you (and maybe only you) definitely kind of love.

OK, true confession time. I am pretty much a social media addict. I love so many different kinds, not all mind you, but way too many. Nowadays it's cool to close down your Facebook account, claim you never go on and pretty much roll your eyes at the whole thing. Me? I am a junkie. Let's look at where I waste my time spend my time learning on the internet.6 pin

Pinterest - Oh yes, I have an account. How many boards and pins? Um, 24 with 1549 pins. 870 likes. In my defense (and yes, there is one) some of those pins are my blog that I have pinned, so there! That would leave, oh, say 1200 other pins. What that's you say, how many of those pins have I actually used and made? Well, that would be two. Yes, dos, deux or one more than one. I used a table setting idea for a book club and a quilt idea for a Christmas quilt for Zara. If I could do math in my head and didn't have a time constraint I might be able to tell you what percentage of my pins those two represent. Let's just agree that it's pretty small. But hey I am a quilter and there are lots of quilting and sewing things on Pinterest. Let's move on, shall we?

Goodreads - I love to read so having a Goodreads account is practically a necessity. It might even be a law, I'm not sure.4 goodreads I belong to four book clubs, I like to read so sue me! And OK, maybe I like to give my opinion also and have for 215 books. But I only have 44 friends so it's all about the reading. And my opinions.

Yelp - You may have picked up on the fact that I like to give my opinion on books. Well, also for restaurants, nail salons, book stores, quilt stores and a whole lot more.2 yelp Yes, I admit it, I have an account. If you have an account you might as well write reviews. Me? Sure I've written a few...fine, 888 of them! And I have 151 friends many of whom are actual friends that I've met at Yelp events. Well, yes, there are events! Let's keep going, I am sensing judgement here.

Twitter - This is a tricky one. I started really slowly here. I connected it to my blog and then this sucker kind of snuck up on me.1 twitter 5559 tweets later I find my account to have 417 followers and 409 people I am following. I follow quilters and sewers. I follow other bloggers. I like to follow things that interest me about Spain and France. And food. Possibly a few with a middle aged bend. And yes, darn it, a few celebrities. In my defense, I do very little on Vine and have a non existent Instagram account so that proves I do have some self control.

Facebook - I am going to come clean here. I manage 4 pages. I have my own personal account for 286 people I know in real life. I have a Quilting page with 1805 likes by simply terrific quilters for my blog. 5 fbI have a reading page with 38 members for my 3 Classics in one Year Book club and I have a Languages page for my Adjunct teaching of Spanish plus my French interests. There are 65 likes there, probably all former students who forgot to unlike the page when the class was over.

OKAY, when you write it all out like that, it does seem like quite a bit. But I could quit at any time. Any time you want. What's that? Right now? Fine, I lied I am hopelessly addicted and can't quit!

I love my social media. I adore pictures. I thrive on contact with people. Writing is one of my pleasures. All of these accounts have really added to my life. I have daily contact with some of the coolest quilters on the planet! I find out about new books as well as restaurants. I get ideas for quilts and I chit chat with people who make me laugh, cry, smile and add pleasure to my life. I've learned things, gotten good advice, received love and spent a bunch of time doing it.

I like social media and I don't care who knows it. (Well except for a few family members, let's not tell them, OK?)

I can't believe it but yes, I did just write a post in defense of excessive social media use. Why? Because it makes me sew happy!

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