Super Modern Baby Quilt

The Quilter's Expo has come to Tinley Park, Il. the past two years. This year I thought my classes were on Friday but when I arrived, nope, they were on Thursday. This was plainly printed on all my tickets. etc. I was so disappointed because I had attended Debby Kratovil's Modern Quilt block class in the fall of 2012 and loved it.  I started a quilt in that class but as Zara was due in December I was pretty darn busy with other sewing. I put it on a shelf and forgot about it.

mod re 1This weekend I realized I only had one week left to make a baby quilt for a New Mom in book club. Yikes! I knew she was pregnant, I knew she had the baby and always wanted to make her a quilt but somehow I hadn't put a plan into action. I remembered that quilt I had started and loved. Perfect! I was on a mission the last couple of days to complete this super modern baby quilt!

This was the pattern but I would have to modify it a bit to have enough fabric for the back. Because wouldn't you know it, I had found the perfect back in my stash. mod re 2

These were the blocks I had from class. Debby made the class really fun, we all cut out the middle strips and swapped them so we ended up with a wonderful variety.  Then we cut up the white fabric and stitched it on the ends.

The white on each side was 10" wide and two different lengths. I made more than two sizes so I would have different looks and distances of white.

mod re 3I laid out all the blocks and started slicing them up. I made a 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3" slices. I may have even made a few that were 3.5".

After that I started building 6 blocks that would measure 10" by 13" but I had to trim a few to make them 13" so I always had bigger slices at the top and bottom. mod re 4

I laid out the slices, switched things around, flipped where the bigger chunk of white was and sewed the slices back together.

It went together pretty quickly and I pressed all the seams in the same direction.

mod re 6Once I had the blocks made, I slapped them up on the design wall.

I turned them this way and that.

I slipped in pieces of white, actually white on white, to see how they would look as a whole. I wanted to use a piece of fabric for the back so that limited the size I could make it. I also only had about a half yard of the white fireflies on white left from class. mod re 5

This piece of fabric for the back is perfect for a super modern baby quilt!

It's a Robert Kaufman fabric and it looks like a modern quilt itself. I have more than a yard so that's going to determine the size of the top.

I started sewing white strips onto the blocks. On the very last strip, I sewed the wrong side to the right side. I ripped it out and then I sewed the right side to the wrong side. I couldn't believe it. I had to take a little break and then rip again. This time I managed to sew it right sides together.

Hurrah for me! But it gave me food for thought and a picture to post tomorrow on my Facebook page so there you go!

mod re 7Here is the finished Super Modern Baby Quilt top!

I asked my daughter if the new Mom would like it and she assured me she would.

After I finish and publish this post I am going to grade a set of tests for my class. But when I get home from class I will put this cutie on my Longarm, Gladys and quilt it. I am thinking fireflies?

I am also still working on the binding for the Big Piece of Fabric quilt. I decided to do it by hand so it is taking forever.

I will post both quilts when they are all done!

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about a modern baby quilt? No, I made two for Zara. Click here or here.


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