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10 Best parts of being a Quilter

Previously I posted what the 10 Worst part of being a Quilter were. If you missed it then quick, read it now! So turn about is fair play, yes? We have to reveal the 10 Best parts of being a Quilter. (Warning, now everyone will want to join our ranks.) 1. Pure unadulterated sex appeal... Read more »

10 reasons why Home cooking is best

My friend Erin over at Social Butterfly Mom cooked up a doozie of a “nice” project: Validate Thy Neighbor! #validatethyneighbor  Her partner in this endeavor is Jenna of High Gloss and Sauce.  It’s a blog event where the idea is you write an argument against your own beliefs in an effort to mend the gap... Read more »

Super Modern Baby quilt part two

I am so happy with this quilt! I started it on Sunday and finished it that Thursday. I’m on fire. All right I did have the large color blocks already for this quilt so that helped a bunch. Those blocks just needed to marinate a bit. If you missed the first post, here it is.... Read more »

Perfect weather for sewing

Your face is frozen. You’ve shoveled 17 thousand times. You don’t want to hear one more person say, “Cold enough for you?” You’ve worn your coat so much it feels like an obligatory uniform.  However, it’s not bothering you as much as the next guy because you have a secret weapon. You are a quilter... Read more »

Modern big pieces of fabric quilt part two

I finished, yes I did. And my right arm still functions. When I last wrote about the Modern Big Pieces of Fabric quilt it was just a lonely top. You can read that post here if you missed it. Next I had to even it up, which went well, and put it on the longarm.... Read more »

Olympic Patchwork quilt is a Sochi Success

I adore the official quilt and can't read enough about it. If you want to read more, the official site is linked and the next 8 pictures are all courtesy of this site. <a href="">Official site</a>
The Olympic Games in Sochi have been in the news, on Twitter and on Facebook. Most of the news I have read or seen has been overwhelmingly negative, derisive or mocking. I have agreed with some of the criticism, think others are just piling on as we seem to like to do. In the midst... Read more »

10 worst parts of being a quilter

I am a quilter and unabashedly proud of it. I have embraced this label for 30 years. It’s not my only label but it’s sure a favorite. However, lest you think the world of “Quilter” is one of bon bons and good times, I have to tell you the truth. There is a dark side... Read more »

Super Modern Baby Quilt

The Quilter’s Expo has come to Tinley Park, Il. the past two years. This year I thought my classes were on Friday but when I arrived, nope, they were on Thursday. This was plainly printed on all my tickets. etc. I was so disappointed because I had attended Debby Kratovil‘s Modern Quilt block class in... Read more »

14 nearly free Valentine's Gifts

Start the day off by laying out a brand new red toothbrush and a little love note.
February 14th is a day all about love. I hope you have someone to love, someone to whom you will give a Valentine. But what if you want to give more than a card and are lacking funds? Perfect! Because gifts of love are not about money, they are about showing how much you care,... Read more »

7 reasons aprons are cool

Sexy celebrity chefs wear them and look good in them. (Plus this would be a very easy Halloween costume, you can thank me in October.)
I may have mentioned once or twice, possibly thousands of times that I love to sew. I sew curtains, table linens, quilts, baby items and aprons. Lots and lots of aprons. I simply adore them. In fact I am somewhat evangelical in my zeal for these prized kitchen coveralls. Some people might say I am... Read more »