DIY Tag blanket for baby tutorial

I keep a list of projects I want to sew next to my bed. It's not because I will forget them because I am forgetful, it's so I have the satisfaction of checking them off when they're done. Fine, maybe I am a little big forgetful. What is the post about? Oh yes, sewing projects on the list that somehow just keep getting put at the bottom of the list. I should have made Zara a tag blanket months ago but I finally go to it. As I made it I took pics. It's an easier project to make than explain but here we go with a DIY Tag blanket for baby tutorial.

tagre1I had two quarter yards of flannel and a bunch of ribbon in my stash. I decided this was going to be a freebie project. If I liked it, I would maybe make more for presents. This time around I made two, one for my house and one for Zara's place.

First thing I did was create 4 squares that were 10 inches in size.

I did not piece them or make them fancy. If I were making these for a shower or new baby present I might. I just wanted something new for Zara to play with.tagre2

After that I just picked up ribbons randomly and snipped a piece from each one that was 3 to 5 inches long. I wanted them all to be different and scrappy.

I folded them and arranged 3 to 4 on each side.

tagre3I was making two so everything is doubled for me.

When I had them in place, I sewed them down all the way around.tagre4

I liked creating a sewing line all the way around to follow for when I put the backs on.  You can see the line if you look at the picture closely.

I placed a back on each ribbon bedecked front and sewed them together.

I made sure to leave a gap for turning them inside out.

tagre5I took out the pins as I stitched. Years ago, I used to sew right over them when I was making clothes. Things change some just to be different and some get better, others worse. Yes, I am talking about my neck and no, it doesn't have a thing to do with this project. tagre6

Turning it inside out was a breeze. I used my "purple thang" to make sure the corners were pushed all the way out. I love that little tool.

tagre9In order to close the gap, I chose a different decorative stitch to stitch up the gap and then continued all the way around.

Before Zara came along, I had never used most of my decorative stitches. Now I use them all the time on various projects for her. tagre10

Pretty soon, they were done. They're bright and scrappy, just like I wanted them and since I had all of this in my stash, free!

All I had left to do was straighten my ribbon drawer. I buy ribbons tagre11whenever they are on a good sale. I hate it when I have to go out and specifically buy ribbon for a project. If I do, I always buy more than I need if I have a coupon. Yes, I am a ribbon hoarder.

Next up I had to see if Zara liked it. I brought it over when I watched her the other day.

She was intrigued!TAG I bet she would have been more interested at a younger age but I will settle for intrigued. And she used it recently as a blanket for her baby!

Sew happy!

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Here is another post about toys I have sewn.

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