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Matching Pajamas on Christmas morning

Can't you see it, the fantasy Christmas morning? Eveyone, even the dog, in matching pajamas. All I have to do is get everyone here, convince them to wear the pj's and oh, buy a dog.
Don’t you have any fantasies? Ideas in your head that you would really like to see come to fruition? That magical vacation? A meal where everyone discusses something meaningful in an intelligent and civilized way? (I don’t know dear, what do you think the implications of the Magna Carta were on our society today?) Ah... Read more »

12 wishes for Quilters

12 days of Christmas is not my favorite Christmas song, maybe I’ve heard it too many times but it has undertones of 100 bottles of beer on the wall on an elementary school bus to me. But wishing and giving 12 distinct gifts to show appreciation? I am in favor of that and who better... Read more »

What age is Middle age?

When I was 35 I pondered the question, am I middle aged? To me at that point it meant,  am I halfway to the end of my life? I decided no, I was going to live to be a lot older than 70. By age 40, I decided yeah, I am middle aged. I had... Read more »

10 Fun Facts about Gingerbread

What is the essence of gingerbread?   It's ginger, or really the root of the ginger plant. To learn even more about this pugent spice, <a href= target="_blank">click right here</a>
I adore ginger in almost any form. I’ve eaten it to avoid seasickness, I guzzle ginger ale and for a good ginger cookie I will travel many miles. As you can imagine, December is a ginger lover’s delight with all the gingerbread treats that abound.I like gingerbread so much that when I taught I even... Read more »

How to make a quilt back - modern or traditional

Yippee, you have finished your quilt top. Such a great moment, am I right? Now you want a quilt, yay! If you are bringing your quilt to a professional longarm quilter she will usually want you to provide the back and if you are quilting it yourself, you need a back. If this is your... Read more »

A Single Mom's Christmas

It is tough to be a single parent, really tough. I was a single Mom for 4 years and not only was it a lot of work without enough money, but I felt so vilified by society. Today, my life is much easier but in 1996, I was just about to experience the holidays for... Read more »

DIY Quick and Easy Christmas Table runner

Are you ready for a good looking table runner, super quick? I made this the other night in a couple of hours. I used scraps from Z’s newest quilt. It’s a great quilt and you can see what fabrics I started with. Just click on the links to see both my final and first posts... Read more »

How to keep your kids believing in Santa

Number one way to keep your kid believing, no older siblings. Yep, my older sister  told me which I think is pretty typical. I was so young, it wasn't a big deal. I'll get back at her some day.
Sigh, it’s Christmas and with no Santa believers in the house it’s kindof boring. My husband and I gave each other our gifts of cameras when we went to Portland. My oldest daughter doesn’t live at home anymore and at 32, she’s pretty immune to believing in Mr. Claus. Her daughter is only 1 year... Read more »

DIY Modern Pin Cushion Tutorial

I had five bags of crushed walnuts, a bunch of solids and the Quick and Easy block tool. What kind of pincushion should I make?
Pin cushions are great gifts for anyone who sews even occasionally. And face it, that tomato of days of old is pretty tired. Some of the new ones are a bit complicated or expensive. Wouldn’t you like to just make your own, the way you want? Then you are in luck because here is a... Read more »

60 is NOT the new 40

Do you know what makes me laugh? Hearing the saying, “60 is the new 40.” That’s a funny one. Honey, I’ve been 40 and this 60 that I am now, it isn’t even close. 60 is the new 40? Compared to what, compared to when? Sure people might be living longer than 50 years ago... Read more »
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