DIY 1st birthday sewing

What is more fun than a baby turning one year old? Sewing for it! If you have a baby in your life who is turning one year old then there are lots of clever ways you can carry out the bday theme in colorful items that you make yourself. I loved sewing for baby Z's big event. Look through the pictures and enjoy my DIY 1st birthday sewing.

onebdayre3Z is turning one, right? What if someone forgets her age? How about a onesie to remind them. All you need is a onesie, paper letters and about a 4" by 8" piece of fabric. onebdayre4

I planned out where I wanted the letters to go first, cut them out and zig zagged them into place.  I used some of the basting spray to keep everything in place while I sewed it down.

I am very happy with the result. After the birthday weekend, she can use it to keep warm under her sleepers.

Next the dress, every one year old needs a party dress! First, the pattern!

onebdre5Isn't this a cute one?

Emily decided she wanted it reversible so that Zara could wear it for the party and beyond. I can see her wearing it next spring.



After deciding which fabrics to use, I cut out the yoke and straps using the pattern piece. The dress itself was just by dimensions so I cut out two. One from bday fabric and the other from rocket ship fabric left over from a quilt back.

I gathered both dresses and attached them to the yoke and folded the bottoms into each other for the hem.

I am super pleased with the result. onebdayre11I got her blue socks, red socks, blue onesie and red leggings to wear with it.  What else could a well dressed one year old possibly need for her party?

Matching bib, of course! onebdre1

I used the leftover fabrics to make a cupcake with a "1" candle in it.  If you've read this blog for a while you know I adore making bibs. I only have the tutorial in one post and it was the first month bib post. You can read it here.

On the flip side of the bib I just cut it in half and fussy cut a couple of inches of the Happy yesreBirthday fabric so that it would say exactly that. Then I just recut the bottom using the pattern guide. That's an easy way to add some interest to a bib without a lot of sewing because you are sewing a bib after all! onebdre2

Today was the big party and all the items made their debut. The onesie was featured in the banner with a picture from each month of her first year. The dress was worn and the bib smeared with cake. Ahh, perfection!

I hope you have as grand a time sewing for the 1st birthday of the baby in your life that I did. It makes me happy.

Sew happy!

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