Auburn's Sideline Sewing

Sewing is not usually associated with football especially not with one of the most memorable wins in college football history. Auburn beat Alabama yesterday by running a missed field goal attempt back for a touchdown with one second left on the clock. This play in the Iron Bowl is what captured most people's attention. Notice I said most because what dazzled many quilters and sewers was Auburn's sideline sewing. Yes, Auburn took out a sewing machine and repaired LaDarius Owens' jersey.

Sewing machines are not the norm on the gridiron so this image of a man sewing amused many a football viewer. BaW5gKOCUAAcZN7

That TV view plus CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson (@tracywolfson) tweeting a picture of the event made people take notice.  Twitter responded with sew many bad puns it even made this quilter groan. The news was reported by Sporting News complete with an action gif of the sewing itself.

As if this wasn't enough fun, a twitter site sprang up, @ausewingmachine. The tweets have been very clever.

In the excitement of the game and the novelty of the sewing machine important details have been neglected.

  • Who did the actual sewing?
  • What sewing machine was he using?

Today that injustice has been corrected as I was able to track down the talented gentleman behind the machine, Auburn's Director of Equipment, Dana Marquez. As you would expect, a man that can sew under that kind of pressure is a prince and he answered all my questions.

What kind of machine were you using and do you always have it with you?

I used a Viking Emerald 116 which we always have with us in a trunk.

What kind of thread did you use on the jersey?

I used Mettler Art 1105 all polyester thread, color 196.thread

Was there a back up jersey available?

Yes, there was but sewing it was faster.

How did you learn to sew, did you take any lessons?

I am self taught, I learned how to thread the machine and sew on my own.

Why did you learn to sew?

When I was an assistant at Oregon State my boss told me I should learn how to sew, so I did.

Do you do any other sewing?

I do, I sew all the pants (hems) for my wife and daughter.

If there is a nicer guy in college football I would like to meet him. Plus of all the interviews I have conducted for this blog (this being the only one) his was by the far the most enjoyable.

I am hoping that sewing machines are always set up on the sidelines of all football games from now on. What the heck, all major sports. And I am letting the teams know, I am available for the position of sideline seamstress. Call me.

Sewing in the news and on Twitter? That makes me sew happy!

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