60 is NOT the new 40

Do you know what makes me laugh? Hearing the saying, "60 is the new 40." That's a funny one. Honey, I've been 40 and this 60 that I am now, it isn't even close.

60 is the new 40? Compared to what, compared to when? Sure people might be living longer than 50 years ago and entering nursing homes at a later age than they did but what "40" are we talking about? 60_is_the_new_40_ornament_roundIn my opinion, 60 is NOT the new 40.

I smirk when I see this saying on mugs and buttons. At what point in history did 40 year olds look and behave like 60 year olds now? Let's take a look at my Grandmother in 1953 when she was about 56. img278

Yes, 60 year olds look younger than she did at 56. Do you know why? Mainly hair dye and shoes. The woman is wearing some lousy shoes. And her hair was very grey at an early age. OK and the glasses. Get her hair fixed and put her in some snazzier clothes and she could pass as a 60 something of today.

However, do you know what else she was doing at nearly 60? Walking everywhere she went. Cooking all her own food from scratch. Living without air conditioning. Cleaning her own house and it was immaculate. Sewing her own clothes. Who knows how long she would have lived had she not been killed by a drunk driver in 1959 at age 62.

She didn't have the benefit of antibiotics, facials or spas. She did get her hair done once a week at the beauty salon and kept that style all week. She lived through two world wars, the depression and had five kids. She is definitely a natural woman. In the picture she is holding me a few months after my birth. I actually love this picture as we don't have many. She didn't worry about her age, she was her authentic self.

Gwen Stefani at The 20th Annual Academy Awards Elton John Viewing PartyLet's compare her to 61 year old Jane Seymour.

Jane dresses in a very youthful way. She is a beautiful woman but not what I would call natural. She has great jewelry. Her hair is long and dark, same for her lashes. Her decolletage seems perky and she is very thin.

How much help do you think she's had? I will keep my specific opinions to myself but let's just say it's a whole lot more than Grandma.

So if you are comparing a 61 year old of today to a 56 year old of the 1950's, sure you might be tempted to say 60 is the new 40 for cosmetic appearance.  If you compare my grandma to me, I think I look more youthful as well.  I get mini highlights every 8 weeks and like to think my clothes are cuter than my Grandma's. For sure my shoes are. But this picture was taken in 1953.

In the past 60 years I have had the benefit of the polio vaccine, antibiotics, fluoride and all kinds of immunizations. Glaucoma and cataracts are no big deal for today's 60 year old.  I never lived through meat rationing. But Grandma could beat me on a whole lot of other levels.

60 is not the new 40 for 40 year olds now. Nor 40 year olds in the last 25 years. Maybe in 1953, I will grant you that. For a youthful appearance. Some people try to hedge their bet and turn to plastic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery might make you think you look 40 but oh my, haven't we all stared in horror at Bruce Jenner just for starters?

So I stick by my original statement, it makes me laugh to see the saying "60 is the new 40."

All in all, I will give today's 60 year olds 6 months and that's because of shoes and hair dye. So, 60 is the new 59.5, I can buy that. 60 is NOT the new 40.

The biggest advantage today's 60 year olds have is all kinds of new sewing gadgets and machines. Woot woot, that makes me Sew happy!

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