12 wishes for Quilters

12 days of Christmas is not my favorite Christmas song, maybe I've heard it too many times but it has undertones of 100 bottles of beer on the wall on an elementary school bus to me. But wishing and giving 12 distinct gifts to show appreciation? I am in favor of that and who better to wish things for than my fellow quilters? Here's my version of that holiday standard -

12 wishes for Quilters

I wish you -

1 great quilt idea

2 days of shopping for it

3 quilt shops visited

4 main fabrics chosen

5 companion fabrics more12

6 hours to prep and plan

7 free hours for cutting

8 perfect days of piecing

9 hours for finishing and basting

10 days of quilting

11 feet of binding

12 months of enjoyment

Repeat each December

Sew happy!

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