10 Fun Facts about Gingerbread

I adore ginger in almost any form. I've eaten it to avoid seasickness, I guzzle ginger ale and for a good ginger cookie I will travel many miles. As you can imagine, December is a ginger lover's delight with all the gingerbread treats that abound.I like gingerbread so much that when I taught I even designed a classroom activity to teach body parts and ready them for a doctor skit using, you guessed it, gingerbread cookies.

Sipping my gingerbread  flavored coffee I mused, what do I really know about gingerbread? I mean besides that's it's delicious? From this thought a blog post was born.

Enjoy these 10 fun facts about gingerbread as I eat a gingerbread cookie and plan a gingerbread quilt.  Planning a quilt is hard work, maybe I'll have two cookies.

Doesn't that make you want to eat some gingerbread? Just the idea of that makes me sew happy!

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Interested in that classroom activity? Email me! Want to see more fun fact photo galleries? Check out this fun one all about Christmas from Tween Us. She also has one on Christmas specials.

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