DIY 11 month bib

I am writing about the bib for month 11, you know what that means, yes? Soon I will be posting about sewing for the 1st birthday.  I am not sure what that will be but you will read about it here first along with the one year bib. I started back in January with a complete tutorial for making the bib. Since then I get to just have the fun of showing the each month's bib. This is November, the 11th month so we get to see pictures of the DIY 11 month bib.

bibre11aThis bib was made with fabrics of fall colors that Emily found in my stash. A couple of years ago I made bunches of fall table runners and small quilts so these scraps all came from that sewing spree.

The Indian corn fabric makes me smile, I used it in my Thanksgiving door quilt to create Indian corn, which is a pretty goofy name when you think about it. I used to decorate with the real thing but the squirrels thought I had put out a buffet for them and went wild on my patio. Have you ever had hungry squirrels attack your fall decorations? I never put any out again.  The squirrels are still mad at me.

On the reverse side I tried to recreate that Kindergarten turkey you make using a child's hand. bibre11bIt was a good idea of Emily's but my execution was a bit off. The good news is that we have a hand print of Zara's in fabric. As far as it looking like a Turkey, well, maybe if you sortof close your eyes. At any rate, this is my second fall fabric bib, last month's was also. You can check it out here.

I have really loved making these bibs and when I go over to Zara's house, I like seeing them being used or dirty or thrown in the wash, it makes them real! Plus, I wanted them to be for the pictures when Z turned a month older but also to be functional so they have accomplished both their goals.

In my head, I was hoping for the 11 month pictures to be taken along with the fall dress I made for her.  Sadly it was too big. Maybe she will have a growth spurt by Thanksgiving? After all, it is late this year. No? I didn't think so but I do have an active fantasy life. You can read about the dress here if you want.

I am working on the birthday dress, bib and who knows what else. I am glad Christmas is right after that or I might suffer from bibre113post first year sewing depression. (Or get to sew for me, one of the two.)

Here's my sweetie modeling the bib. Emily and Joe do pictures of her each month and put them on their Facebook pages. This was their last monthly album. Babies growing up is such a sentimental process, this first year has been so much fun for them as parents and for me as the sewing Grandma. And sewing Grandma always has tons of items to make. Every once in a while even something for me.

I hope your projects are as plentiful as mine because creating things for my family is one of my biggest joys. And judging from my pile, one that will never end.

Sew happy!

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I have 10 other posts about bibs, two of which I have linked above. Bib eight has the odd numbered months linked at the bottom. The links to the even months are at the bottom of bib nine.

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