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10 Favorite quilt memes

I made this one at an inspiration generator. It makes me chuckle because I have several crazy quilts and I want people to be sure they know it's the quilts, not me, that are nuts! Hey, don't laugh.
Quilt memes, super fun to make and read. I started making them back in the spring of 2013 and I was just having fun. I guess I assumed everyone would enjoy them, share them and give me the credit.  Ha ha, good one Kathy. There are super Facebook pages which definitely give credit but many... Read more »

12 ways to age fearlessly

I am sixty years old as are many of my friends. I saw my friends’ parents age and now my friends. OK and me too, I am getting old as well.  People talk about aging well but I recently heard a phrase I really like. I want to age fearlessly, I don’t want to be... Read more »

10 month milestone marker bib - DIY

This is my tenth post in this ongoing bib series and I just love them all. I only have two more left to go so I better enjoy each one.  OK, I will! This being my tenth, it is naturally the 10 month milestone marker bib that I am debuting tonight.  I won’t give you... Read more »

I need an intern

I learned how to sew in Jr. High and soon took over the main sewing duties for my house. My Grandmother sewed but my Mother did not. She said that her Mom told her not to touch the machine, they couldn’t afford to get it fixed. I can understand this as my Mom was in... Read more »

8 reasons NOT to buy a fake t-shirt quilt from PB Teen

I love t-shirt quilts, love them. I have made four of them with another in the planning stages. In fact I just completed a four part series on how to make your own that’s how much I want to spread the word. You can catch step one right here! Now I realize that not everyone... Read more »

DIY t-shirt quilt - step four, quilting and binding

What a glorious feeling it is to finish a quilt, I adore it. I think that superb feeling is what gets us quilters through to the end. We may be at a tedious point but we remember that flush of pleasure of the finished product and we keep going. So let’s do it, let’s finish... Read more »

Orange is the new everything

Orange is the new black has stolen my orange thunder! I have always loved orange and this time of year even more.
Have you ever loved something before it became popular and you think, hey, I’m not a crowd follower. I have always been a fan! This is how I felt when I saw the TV show, Orange is the new black advertised. I have been nuts about orange forever and I come by it naturally. I... Read more »

DIY t-shirt quilt tutorial - step three, finishing the top

We are moving right along on this t-shirt quilt, yes? Working on my quilt as I write the blog posts has kept me sewing. I hope it has been motivating for you as well. This step will make your t-shirts look like a quilt, you will really believe it. Ready? Let’s go DIY t-shirt quilt... Read more »

East of Eden book club

I am in three book clubs, so yes, there is something I overdo as much as I sew and quilt. What do they have in common? Yep, sedentary activities. Sigh. I have always been good about entertaining myself in a cozy seat but that’s for another blog. One of the book clubs is the classics... Read more »

Quilt store in Lockport, Il

Don't you love old buildings like this one where Thimbles makes its home? So does Hollywood, downtown Lockport has been in several movies. The most memorable to me was Public Enemies with Johnny Depp.  Yep, if you come here and shop you might bump into him!
Oops, I did it again!  Actually there was no oops about it. I went fabric shopping, how unusual, I know! This time I was a bit closer to home, a Quilt store in Lockport, Il  Thimbles.  If you are thinking, hey lady didn’t you write about this store before, then the answer is yes.  And... Read more »