I need an intern

I learned how to sew in Jr. High and soon took over the main sewing duties for my house. My Grandmother sewed but my Mother did not. She said that her Mom told her not to touch the machine, they couldn't afford to get it fixed. I can understand this as my Mom was in High School during the depression but she had mad hand sewing skills. (Her Aunts taught her these and introduced me to quilting decades later.)  She was my right hand woman for the first 15 years if my sewing career and no one has ever replaced her so I decided, I need an intern.

intern-wantedYes, that's the ticket, I need a sewing intern.  With hand sewing skills, oh perfect. Just perfect. And certainly I could add a few other tiny items to the job description.

Let me think back to what my Mom used to do for me.

  1. She paid for all the fabric, patterns and notions. In turn I sewed for her and my sister, on a two for me one for you basis. Hmm, better take that one off the list.
  2. She sat on the floor and marked all the hems.hand sewing
  3. She sewed all the hems. And buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes as well.
  4. With near invisible stitches, she sewed down all  the facings.
  5. She cleaned up the sewing room when I was done with a project.
  6. She went out and got anything I ran out of while sewing.
  7. She pressed every finished garment.

Let's add a few.

  1. Intern should wind all the bobbins.
  2. Intern should clip all threads.
  3. Intern should thread all needles.
  4. Intern should wash, dry and iron all fabrics.
  5. Intern should iron quilt pieces while I am sewing madly away.
  6. Intern should do any necessary ripping.
  7. Glasses of water, possibly a snack or two, why yes, thank you.
  8. Separate all projects, keep sewing room clean, neat and organized.
  9. Massages? Yes, please!
  10. And other task I don't want to do that an intern should do.

dobyI wonder how many applicants I will get.  I am a little nervous that people won't want to fill the role my Mom did for me so many years ago. Is this intern job sounding a bit more like Doby, the house elf from Harry Potter, than intern?

Especially once I mention that this internship pays in experience but not in cold, hard cash well, the list may dwindle.

I guess I am lucky I had all the help to give me a huge running start, to make me see the fun of a finished project while skipping lots of the drudgery.  A huge belated thanks to my Mom who always claimed she couldn't sew, she just meant on a machine for fear of breaking it. And you know what? I did break ours and my parents bought a brand new one to replace it complete with lessons on how to use it.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to be a sewing intern.Think about it.

Just don't touch the machine. For real.

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about my Mom? Nope, two others. When I turned 60 and when I wrote about ovarian cancer.

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