Halloween costume fail?

I often have fantasies of how things will be, taste or turn out. Over the years I sometimes  lower my expectations so I won't be disappointed. But for Zara's Halloween costume, I thought it would be a joy to make, a pleasure for her and possibly win costume of the year. I am here to tell you, I am afraid that instead it is a Halloween costume fail.

dcre1First issue was when we bought the fabric. We were bound and determined to not let us bother us but maybe it was foreshadowing? If you missed the post about that you can read it here. dcre3

I went home and cut it out. And out. And out. My goodness this pattern had a lot of pieces. And the fleecy fabric shed all over me. I looked like a sheep. Baa.

I was having the tiniest doubt. Maybe I didn't like sewing with fleece? Or what if I just didn't like sewing costumes? What kind of Grandma was I?

Had I really enjoyed making costumes for my own children or was I having rose colored glasses memories?

What should I do?

dcre2So I put the cut out pieces in a time out. That's what you do when everyone just needs to calm down, right?

I went on and sewed other things I enjoyed sewing more. A lot more.

I finished a t-shirt quilt and wrote about it. I finished a quilt for Zara as well. These items all worked out just fine. I felt better.

I went back and worked on the costume with more patience. Did I enjoy it, well, no. That fabric was seriously annoying!

At a certain point I needed to try on just the duck part for the should velcro and the length.

I tried to slip it over Z's head. She cried. I tried to cajole her. She sobbed. Rats.

I made an executive decision. If she was not going to like this costume I was only making the actual duck body.  No body suit, no hat and no duck feet.

I asked my husband to look for some leggings, a hat, some socks and a onesie she could wear underneath.dcre6

One night I spent the whole evening doing the hem, having it not work and spending hours taking out the hem. The next night I put in a false hem and finished the costume.

I spread it out on the sitting room table. I noticed one of the layers had pulled apart. Grrrr. I took it back to the sewing room and zig zagged it in place. This poor little duck has some sort of wound with a scar, yeah, that's the story. I spread it out and snapped a pic of what Emily could use.

costumeOn Saturday, we all crossed our fingers and miraculously, Zara did not cry! She enjoyed the Halloween parade. Emily is going to post all her Halloween pics later this week so I will just post a kind of teaser pic to let you know that what I feared would be a Halloween costume fail, was NOT!  Plus, now I am hooked, I saw so many cute kids in cute costumes that I am ready for next year. But could we make it in cotton, pretty please?

Sew happy!

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