East of Eden book club

I am in three book clubs, so yes, there is something I overdo as much as I sew and quilt. What do they have in common? Yep, sedentary activities. Sigh. I have always been good about entertaining myself in a cozy seat but that's for another blog. One of the book clubs is the classics book club where we read 3 classic books in one year. And lately, whoa, have they been tomes! If we were paying by the word, these would be expensive reads.  I always have the classic book club at my house and last Sunday, I hosted the East of Eden book club.

east of eden bookI started this book club to keep my mind active and to finally read Anna Karenina.  From the summer of 2010 until now we've been reading a lot of books that are good for us but sometimes also painful. (The most painful was probably Bleak House, oh boy, there's a reason not too many people read that one.)east of eden movie

I always try to sew at least one new thing for each book club and then I add it to my stash of table linens. For Pride and Prejudice, I made napkins.  What to make for this club? When I was trying to figure it out, I even watched the movie from the 1950's.

Didn't help as this movie is only the last two hundred pages of the book. There is a mini series also but I didn't get to watch it. While I was nearly done with the book, I read that Jennifer Lawrence is going to star is a two film version of this book. It's true, read it here. It made me wonder, was she following our book club on facebook? It's OK, her secret is safe with me.

Back to the sewing, what could I make? Often I look for clues in the text for food and linens. This book is the retelling on two generations of Cain and Abel and is set in California, whose initials are? Wait for it...C & A.  So foods that begin with C or A and California linens. Done.  I would make Chili provide shredded cheese, have Coke and Coffee and ask others to bring Apple dessert or chili toppings.

Large_0308321And I found a California fabric. Is it perfect? No. Will it do? Yes, especially as it was very reasonably priced at fabric.com. I ordered two yards of it and I hemmed it on all four sides using my handy dandy rolled hem foot.ed re1

Lots of times when I just want to make a splash, I do that with a fabric on top of a tablecloth. I saw it once in a restaurant and copied it immediately.

Here is how the table looked. I did not make the napkins, sorry! I put them under the bowls just to break up the blue on blue.

This morning I went to the Farmers' Market where I got flowers and a half bushel of apples. You can see the flowers on the table.

eere2I put the apples out to go along with our CA theme and put the book and questions next to them. People are always surprised then they find out that we actually read the books for our club and do the questions. We have former teachers and current teachers in our group, we always discuss the book. If you haven't finished it, you bring chocolate. We are only human after all!

Before we discuss, however we eat and socialize. Here was our main spread of Chili and topppings.  Dig in!

eere6Have I mentioned I have a wonderful quilt store right by my house? It is called Top Shelf Quilts and it almost closed and moved to another location. Luckily, it did not and so I was able to run in there today and get a yard of apple themed fabric.  I just pinked the edges and spread it on the island. It is in the wash now and I will add it to my stash.

eere4Dessert was yummy. The theme was apple so one member made an gorgeous apple pie and another bought a pineAPPLE upside down cake. (There was also some chocolate.)

Then we talked and tried to understand the book better. We got our discussion questions here. There were other questions on the web but they were longer than the answers!

Sewing, friends, reading and tasty food, life is sew good.

Sew happy!

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Want to see the other post about book clubs I have on this blog? For the pre sewing, click here. For the meeting itself, click here

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