12 ways to age fearlessly

I am sixty years old as are many of my friends. I saw my friends' parents age and now my friends. OK and me too, I am getting old as well.  People talk about aging well but I recently heard a phrase I really like. I want to age fearlessly, I don't want to be afraid which will make me cranky.  Too darn many people I know get to be so cranky as they get old. This past weekend I was at an Illinois football game where an older gentleman was yelling and screaming at everyone to be quiet and sit down. Seriously yelling and screaming in the stadium, just because he didn't like noise. What were we all supposed to do, just sit there quietly and watch the game?

I don't want to be that person so I keep writing about it.   I don't care if I wear glasses, hearing aids, old lady shoes and have white whiskers coming out of a wrinkled face I just don't want to become a cranky old lady.  I need strategies! So I devised this plan, my 12 ways to age fearlessly. Let's do it.

1.  Hang around people of all ages.  Fool younger people into being your friends if you have to. My kids, grandchild, Yelp and blogging help me with this. I get new ideas and perspectives.

2.  Focus on something you like, not the things you don't like. I like, love even, all kinds of things. Let's talk about that, we can complain later. Much later.

3.  Don't dominate the conversation talking about medications, aches and pains. No one really wants to see pictures of your latest procedure or your problems in the bathroom. Well, unless it's dinner time. For real, keep this to a minimum.

4.  Try silence, listen for a change.09-be-fearless1 This will be hard for me. I like to talk and I am darn good at it. I resolve to talk less and listen more. I swear!

5.  Laugh and smile even when you are faking it. Especially when you are faking it. Sure you can have a cry with your family but then you just have to move on. You can't hold onto your losses. Try a smile, you've got things to smile about.

6.  If people tell you you're cranky, believe them. Stop complaining, it's really not a talent. We can all be irritated and when there's a contest, you can practice.  In the meantime hush.

7.  Try new stuff, forget about some of that stuff from the past. I am not saying act like Miley Cyrus, I am talking about phones or computers or cameras. Fun techy stuff. New restaurants, a new nail polish, a lighter shade of hair dye. Mix it up. Be open to new things.

8. You're old not infallible.  Be happy you're still alive but you don't have to pontificate all the time. Enough with the advice, have someone teach you something. Your schooling wasn't all that perfect don't act like it was.

9.  Be quirky, eccentric or just plain odd. These can be super cool. Wear plaids with checks. Or a bow tie! Quote musicals. Pass out licorice. If your breath is OK, try hugging.

10. Choose how you want your personality to distill.  What is the essence you want left? Focus on that. Do you want everything to boil down to how much you can moan and complain? I didn't think so.

11.  Don't give up the things you love, like quilting or sewing. Do it however you can. Make bigger stitches. Walk more slowly. Get a worse score. Drop a few things. But be engaged in life. You are going to fail sometimes, heck I just did recently. Don't give up all kinds of living for fear. Live fearlessly.

12. Don't fret about what you've lost. Life changes, we get old. It's Okay, we don't have to move pianos anymore or move anything in fact. If we dance and sing off key people put the video on Youtube and it gets a million hits. Be that person. Heck put your own video up there.

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about getting old and not getting cranky? No, it's a bit of a theme for me it seems. Here's another!

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