10 month milestone marker bib - DIY

This is my tenth post in this ongoing bib series and I just love them all. I only have two more left to go so I better enjoy each one.  OK, I will! This being my tenth, it is naturally the 10 month milestone marker bib that I am debuting tonight.  I won't give you the step by step, just the finished product. If this is your first time reading a bib post then click here for the very first and the whole tutorial.

Tenth month of the year is October which here in the Chicago area is a big month for Halloween.  It's funny that I am making a bib for a baby because I think adults have taken this holiday over as their own! I guess that Toys R Us slogan, I don't want to grow up, really caught on!  Well at least for this holiday. 10mbibre1

Here is the main event, the bib that marks baby Z's 10th month of age. The idea is to have something fun and a little different that is constant in size as 10mbibre2she grows. At the end of the year, she'll have 12.  (Or more as I have made a few extra bibs as well. Hey, I'm the grandma!

Fall has fun motifs, doesn't it? Did you catch last month's bib, the September edition? Well why didn't you say so. You can see it here.

My Bernina is a 380 and part of the reason I bought it was because it could write out words. I had it write BOO? all along the edge. Why ? Because I wanted to soften the scariness of it! It even worked out on the reverse side, pretty cool.  OK, I cannot tell a lie, it didn't have a ! in the alphabet choices so I thought, what else will work and that 's when I decided on the ?

I was lucky enough to have all the fall fabrics in my stash but my husband went out and bought here new outfits for each month.  Good thing we saved that 4.00 on bib fabric! He's entitled, he's my snap guy. He does the work pro bono so he gets so perks.

Here is the little 10 month old now. 10mbibre3My daughter took 300 hundred pictures, yes you read that correctly and then put her 6 favorite on Facebook. I have had smiling pictures every month so I took a more serious one this month. Hey Halloween can be serious!

Halloween involves more than bibs, it involves costumes and I have to finish Zara' so I better get up to the sewing room.

Sewing for Zara makes me Sew happy!

Sew happy!

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Want to see the bibs for months three, five or seven? Just click on the number. In December I will put out a whole photo gallery.

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