Quilting Challenge and Cheat top is finished

I originally got the idea for this quilt in the middle of the night and I find I practically dream about it.  I did not have a pattern or a real plan, just a sketch.  If you missed that first post on how this all began, you can click here and begin to catch up.  I am feeling the pressure of a quilting challenge as I have two and a half weeks left before it has to be finished.  (Pant, twitch) I wanted that kind of pressure on myself as I also want baby Z to have a nicer quilt to sleep with at my house.  The polyester one I have left from the 80's has to go!  (Sorry Emily.)

ccfre1Good news, I might just get it completed on time.  (Well, I think it's good news, you don't seem that excited.) Let's cheer together! The Quilting Challenge and Cheat top is finished.  Hip hip hooray! The trickiest part was squaring it up to about 36" on all sides.

When I sew strips, I have to be super vigilant to switch direction as I sew the strips together.  I don't know if this happens to you but if I sew always from top to bottom or right to left, the whole piece starts veering off in the direction.  What?  Crazy and a bit annoying.

It was hard for me to remember to go one time from right to left and the next time, left to right.  I was focusing on the little squares and I think I sewed right to left more than I should have.

I corrected myself but still, there was a bit of a pull.

I kept cutting off parts to get it square and end up with the size I wanted. What was encouraging is that I liked it more the square it became.ccfre2

Then I picked out a border.  I cut it 2.5 inches as the other strips were that same size.  I did the final straightening by making sure to measure the border across the middle and make the strip fit the ends. And I officially like this top now!

ccfre3Next step, a back!

I took left over pieces of fabric and sewed them together with strips that were left over.  Then I put a chunk of fabric on each side and one of top.  And I hated it.  It didn't look fun and random, it just looked dopey. ccfre4

But whenever I try to do this improvisational piecing I have to remember to cut it up to like it better.  So I cut the back down the middle, flipped one piece and sewed them back together.  And I liked it!

Could I have cut it up some more and recombined, sure.  But this is a back, just a scrap back with some improvisational piecing not a quilt top!

To get this on my dear Gladys the Gammill, I had to open that huge roll of batting.  That sucker was big and awkward but don't worry, I won the battle.  After I got the back snapped on, I cut the batting and looked at it.  Wrinkled!  No, I am not talking about me, it was the batting.

I ironed it!  I did and I placed it on top of the back and then I floated the top.

ccfre6And my challenge baby is ready for quilting.  I have to decide - grey or blue thread?  Also, I want directional quilting but will I use the channel lock?  One inch, or two?  What is the meaning of life?  Just lengthwise or should I make a design?  Ok, one of those questions I can't possibly answer in a little over two weeks!

The pressure is ON, about 16 days to get it done! I am not going to the U of I game this weekend, maybe I can sew a lot then. Fingers crossed and I will let you know when I finish.

I have to go grade papers, oh yes, did you forget I'm a working gal again?

Sew happy!

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Is this my only post about this project?  Heck no, the first part is linked above and here's a link to the second.

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