I am not a super quilter

I read a fair amount of blogs, mainly quilting blogs but also other blogs by my fellow bloggers at ChicagoNow.  I have noticed a trend on the parenting blogs, there is a fair amount of blogging going on to make sure everyone knows this blogger is NOT a Super Mom.  What is even more interesting is that I don't see anyone who does claim to be a Super Mom so I am a bit confused.  But then it hit me, maybe part of blogging is that you have to make sure everyone knows you are not a super something.  So to cover all my bases I want to state here and now that I am not a super quilter.

Hey, you could at least act surprised.  Now let me see some shock and awe on those faces out there.

That's better! As a reward I am going to tell you why.

1.  I have never won a prize at Paducah. - I haven't even entered a quilt there!  I have bought a lot of fabric at Hancock's of Pacucah, however.  Keeping the economy going!

2.  I don't bury my threads. - Apparently judges want all those ends buried after you are done machine quilting.  Oh boy, that's a lot of work and you only do it if you are entering your quilts in competition.

3.  I have thread boogers on the back of my quilts.  - Lots of them. I pretend like I want them there.superre

4.  I attend Quilt shows, not exhibit in them. - I love going to Quilt shows.  I gasp with delight and take pictures.  I tell you about my visits.

5. I  am still learning about quilting. -I just signed up for two classes at the Quilt Expo, one on pattern drafting and another on machine quilting with templates.  I took my first quilting class in 1983 and I haven't stopped since.

6. I still make mistakes. - In fact, I am pretty super about doing this.  I don't want my seam ripper to ever get lonely.  I even have two of them!

7.  I don't sell quilts. - I make what I want and I give them to the people I love.

8. I miss deadlines. - I finished my daughter's wedding quilt in time for her 3rd anniversary.  I'm awesome like that.

9. There are no Kathy Mathews creations in a museum - They are hung on my walls however.  They will never hang in museums, I've seen those quilts, they are at a whole different level.

10. I am not famous. - Or infamous, so there's that.

However, I am OK with all of the above.  I love sewing and quilting and that's super enough for me! I go to quilt shows. buy fabric, take classes, buy fabric, make quilts, buy fabric, sew fun stuff, buy fabric, and I love to talk about quilts.  The quilt world needs quilter like me to sign up for classes, see the shows and support the quilt industry. Oh, did I mention that I buy fabric?

Sew happy!

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Here's a fun post to read where I talk about modern and traditional quilting that you might enjoy reading. Or my non super quilt mistakes here.

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