Baby boomers - stop being so crabby

I am a baby boomer and have felt like I am part of a pretty special group all my life. I have traveled from diapers to grey hair surrounded by huge amounts of peers. We were born after WWII to our GI dads and their wives. Our dads wanted to forget about the war, make some money and enjoy life.

Part of the way that our families enjoyed life was to have babies, lots and lots of babies. There were so many darn babies born between 1946 and 1964 that they came up with a special name for us, Baby Boomers.  And the name was appropriate.

Boom we blew up the need for housing. After using the GI bill to complete his college degree, my dad did not want to live with his family or even in his hometown. He moved to Park Forest, Il., the first planned community constructed by ABC builders for these new exploding families.baby_boomers_population

What was the next thing we blew up? Boom went the schools! New elementary schools were built followed by new high schools and then new dorms at colleges.

We were one huge group. There were just kids everywhere.  My parents did not praise us a lot nor worry about our self esteem but in our house and every family I knew, the kids outnumbered the adults.

The power of our numbers didn't really occur to us at first. In those days, children were to be seen and not heard. But when these quiet kids went to college, they were talking, yep, and shouting and definitely being heard.

In the 60's the baby boomers were going to change the world and to a huge extent the world did change. Boom! Baby boomers  brought out the end of the war, an end to the draft, an end to Jim Crow and opportunities for work and money for all, not just white men.

And didn't we feel so darn special! We had wanted to change things and make the world a better place.  We settled down once we started turning 30. Earth shoes, tang and blow dry hairdos became our concerns. We raised kids who were not only seen but constantly heard.

And now, in spite of our best efforts to deny and delay it, we are getting old.  This is not pleasing to some who think of themselves as perpetually cool. In my generation's defense, we do have the best music. Period. But I digress.

Besides getting old, many baby boomers are getting crabby.  Petulant. Demanding. Snarky. It makes me nervous that the generation I love so much is going to change from Baby Boomers to Cry

I want to say to baby boomers - stop being so crabby. Just because we changed the world, doesn't mean we get to change everything in it continually.  Stop complaining and I don't care if you have aches and pains that make you realize you are a long way from Woodstock.

If you don't stop being the crank NOW it will be too late, you will just be the neighborhood crabby old person. As we age we lose hair, smooth skin, memories and some aspects to our personality. We distill, we become the essence of our strongest characteristics.

So be careful baby boomers. You might think that 60 is the new 40 but it's not. It's just what 60 looks like now.  And what you look like will continue to change and honey, it's not going to get better. But who you are and how you act, that can get better.

cookiesWhat part of your personality do you want to dominate in 10 years, in 20 years? The quibbler who finds fault with everything? The whiner who complains on Facebook about all kinds of annoyances?

Not me, no sir. I want to distill myself to the cookie lady. Yep, I am going to nibble on them secretly and smile. I will have crumbs on my shirt and my kids will sigh and say, Mom were you eating cookies again?  "What?" I will respond, swallowing and taking a quick sip of water. "You know cookies aren't good for me." Then I will slip some to the dog, the grandchildren, my imaginary friend or a real friend.

I plan to complain less and smile more because I've got cookies hidden all over the house and a few in my apron pocket.

What about you, oh fellow greying flower child? Could I interest you in a toll house?

We changed the world, now let's change ourselves into happy old people.

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