Peapod solves almost all my problems

I love to sew, I adore quilting and anything with fabric and thread is my best friend.

I wish I felt the same way about cooking cause I sure do love to eat.  My problem is the process does not light up my brain even though I really want it do.  I cook and have cooked because I love my family.  I can make a nice holiday and when there is company involved, I am too proud to slap a bag of fast food on the table. I may enjoy sewing the linens more than cooking the food but this Quilt lady gets it done.

One of the reasons I do not go broke eating out is because of Peapod. Before I retired my husband did all the grocery shopping and he did a good job.  The man followed my list and the only way in which he deviated is that this guy never saw a 2 for 1 special he didn't love or a jumbo box he could walk by.  We were stocked up all right!

Once I retired my husband passed the grocery shopping to me and I did not even go to the store one time.  Nope, I signed up on Peapod and had my groceries delivered.  I adored it immediately, fresh food in a snap right in my kitchen. My friends rolled their eyes at me and voiced their objections.

Don't you want to pick out your own food?  Nope, they actually do a better job than me.  Plus, no one else has been touching it and bruising it.peapod

What if something goes wrong? No biggie, I email Peapod and they take care of it.

Don't you miss grocery store shopping? Getting out of my car in the cold, walking around the store, buying all the stuff I see and forgetting the stuff I need, um no.  Plus they haul it up to my second floor condo. Bliss!

What about those fun impulse buys?  Actually I do sortof miss throwing cookies in the cart and acting like someone else put them there.  Now I do have to click on them on the computer. But not buying what I see in the store and don't actually need, that saves me money. This is the reason my daughter loves Peapod the most.

The cookie issue brings me to my one regret about Peapod.  They carry groceries plus various sundries, toiletries and cleaning products. It's super convenient. I can even get organic and ethnic food for my book clubs.  Peapod solves almost all my problems.  I just have one tiny suggestion.

How about if they just nudge that concept and carry some notions for my sewing projects?  Sometimes I just need a spool of Aurifil thread, some iron on batting or a yard or two of ribbon.  These are the fabric store trips I just don't like.

Going to a quilt store and buying gorgeous yards of fabulous fabric, I've got that covered. I don't need them to carry fabric, why, I'm not crazy (and if I was I sure wouldn't admit it.)  I just need the occasional package of elastic.  White. Quarter inch.  Is this really so much to ask?

Peapod, you bring me my food, some of it already cooked and ready to serve.  This gives me so much more time to sew, surely you can see your way to a few notions.  Call me, we'll do lunch and I'll explain my concept.

Trust me, it will make you Sew happy!

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Is this the first time I have blogged about Peapod?  Nope, I am so crazy about them I did it once before with some other ideas. Click here.

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