DIY Round Chevron Table Topper

We just finished a major redecorating project which we started shortly before the youngest child left for college.  She graduated two years ago so you can tell this was a long project and there are still a few little details we haven't taken care of.  When we had younger kids in the house, we had the office at the front of the great room with a computer that we tried to completely monitor even if we had to have them teach us what they were doing.  We changed that area into a conversation pit/sitting area which I adore. We have a round table there which is brand new.  How can we keep it looking brand new?  I will tell you how, I will protect it by making a DIY round chevron table topper.  And you can too!

rt1reHere's the cute table in question.  Don't you just love it?  I do too!  It is actually metal so what I am wanting to do is protect it from scratches.  If it was square or rectangle creating the pattern is as simple as measuring it.rt2re

For a round table, you have to be more clever and we all know that I am nothing if not clever! I taped 4 pieces of newspaper together and put it on top.  Then I created a crease along the edge and drew along it so I would know where to cut.  My husband had to help me rt3reas the first sharpie was dry and I suddenly realized I had left the good scissors in the kitchen.  Thanks honey for being my production assistant! I took those good scissors and cut along the Sharpie line and ta da, a pattern!

I was tremendously proud of this by the way!

Up to the sewing room went the pattern and me.  I had four final chevron fat quarters left.  I thought I had finished them with the lastrt4re project but I was wrong, these guys were hanging at the bottom of the pile.  I knew I wanted one side to use them.

I also had yardage left from my summertime chevron crush so that was the obvious choice for the flip side.  I folded the pattern in half and placed it on the fold of the fabric.

When I was cutting it out, I had to be careful to add a seam allowance as the pattern was the exact top but the fabric would be sewed to other fabric.

rt5reOnce I had the back cut out I took a look at my chevron fat quarters and played with them on the table. I had one strip cut but for the lighter fabric, I just put it there to see how it would look.

How about if I made 4 different quadrants and joined them with a 2" solid strip?rt6re

On the left you can see the idea and on the right, the execution.  Fast and easy and this time I have used up all my Riley Blake chevron fat quarters.  For real this time!

And we have a finished project to protect the table!

rt8reHere is the plain side which I like maybe better than the fancy side? rt7re

I won't keep this on the table, it's just for that moment when I actually get to sit in my conversation pit and have civilized conversation with perhaps some tea.  And a crumpet?  Hey, let me have some fantasies!

Here's the fancy side.  Fun!  I guess I like them both.

This project only took a couple of hours from start to finish.  That made me Sew Happy!

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These chairs are by the side table which I protected with a chevron table runner.  Check it out here.

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