Hudson Car museum and quilts in Shipshewana

My husband Cliff is my biggest fan and supporter.  He will take me almost anywhere to see quilts or buy fabrics.  I am not so sure he always enjoys himself but when we went to the Shipshewana Quilt Festival he was in for a treat.  We discovered that there is a Hudson Car Museum and quilts and it was part of the show.  We both walked around with our mouths open with surprise and delight.

I didn't know a thing about Hudson cars but Cliff did, he has the car gene.  We read about the museum after we got home and it was super interesting.  You can read about it also simply by clicking here.  All of the delicious cars with quilts are featured on this web site and it will tell you all the details of name, age, etc.

Of all the places I have seen quilts, this was by far the most unique!  Click through the gallery to see the Hudson Car museum and quilts in Shipshewana, IN.

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