Glad to be an American - My 10 reasons why

I love living in my town, near the city of Chicago and in the United States of America.  I don't think I am alone.  I think most people love their country; it doesn't mean you don't admire and enjoy other countries you are just partial to your own.  With the 4th of July approaching, I realized why I am glad to be an American.

1.  I love the diversity of America.  My daughter is from Korea, I taught Spanish and French my whole working life and there are not many ethnic foods I don't devour.  This is just a tiny slice of the vast selection of people that this nation of immigrants is lucky enough to have. Yay for the many cultures which make up our country.

2. I adore the public education system that was available to me.  I went to public schools K - 12 and then got my bachelor's at the University of Illinois and my master's at Governor's State University.  I have 45 hours beyond my Master's and some of those are from private institutions but it's a small percentage.  I learned how to read, sortof do math,  sew and speak two languages in public schools.  I supported my family for 35 years as a public school teacher and I receive a pension now.a4th  I celebrate public education!

3. I value the arts in our country.  Obviously I adore fiber arts and quilting.  But I also have season tickets to plays in Chicago, am a member of the Art Institute and have my favorite musical groups on my iPod.  There are school, community and professional art groups in every community. I wish I had time to experience more the talented arts community has to offer.

4. I completely enjoy American sports.  My favorites are college basketball and football plus professional baseball and hockey.  I get all crazy watching them and have all kinds of fan clothing.  It's super fun. Go Illini!

5. I savor all the sights and nature all over this country.  I have visited 49 of our states and had a great time in every one of them.  In the not too distant future, just not this year, I have every intention of getting to Alaska.  I can't wait!

6. I learn in museums throughout the country. I marveled at the Clean Museum in Idaho, was weepy at the JFK museum in Boston and visited two different museums about rivers here in Illinois.  I am always on the lookout for a new museum. Give me your suggestions!

7. I devour with joy all the great food we have in this country.  From small plate farm to table to fresh Asian fare all the way through pizza and burgers, there are great eats to be had. Bon appétit!

8.  I cannot get enough of movie watching. Hollywood puts out some super lame movies but others are just divine.  I like the whole movie going experience and marvel at the cleverness.  With the action or scary flicks, I need popcorn however.

9. I am a huge fan of American fiction.  As a result, I belong to three book clubs where we mainly read American authors.  Our writers are so darn talented. Let's all read one today.

10. I hold close the miracle that we have an American dream.  I know there are nightmares also but we drag our problems out for everyone to see.  Then we yell, scream and pout as we try to solve them.  All the while we have this over riding dream of what it means to be an American.  We struggle to get there and my love is not that we've reached where we want to go but that we are constantly striving.

There are so many aspects that I love about my life as an American and it's nice, once a year, to stop and think about what some of them are. The other days, I can think about the problems and improvements, today the love.  For you, there are probably ten or twenty different positive reasons why you love your country. Let me know what they are.

All these reasons make me Sew happy!

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