10 reasons to attend reunions

Summertime is reunion time, you may have already received a couple of invitations.  I attended my high school reunion last weekend and my family reunion a few days ago.  I am glad I went to both and I think you should RSVP yes to yours. Hear me out! Before you throw it away, let me try to convince you.  Yes, I know you didn't love every minute of high school or every member of your family.  But our lives are quilts and those reunions, they remind you of the fabrics and blocks which have gotten you to this point of your life.  I am going to give you 10 reasons to attend reunions.  Then you can decide.

1.  You will see people you didn't  like then and don't like now.  Yep, you will.  Those classmates or family members you didn't care for, you may still want to avoid.  But you're older and wiser now and it's a tremendous validation of your choices and preferences.  You don't have to second guess yourself, your opinion was and is correct.reunion

2. You will see people you didn't like then and now, not so bad!  Hey, people change.  You've improved, haven't you?  Some people might even have some revealing things to say to you or you just might find you've matured.

3.  You will see people you just love.  Maybe it's been decades but you find you still really click with that lab partner or that faraway Aunt.  Isn't that cool, to get to have another chance to be with people you really liked?  The wonderful things in both of you still connect.

4.  You will see people who knew you when.  I used to be young, don't laugh, it's true.  There were people at my family reunion who knew me in diapers and fellow 60 year olds who knew me when I had great hair.  Youth is wasted on the young but at least these people were witnesses to yours.

5.  You will see people who knew people you loved.  My Mother has been dead since 1983 but my buds from high school knew her and loved her.  My family members saw some of her in me.  It makes me sad that my husband and daughters never knew my Mom but at least other people did.

6.  You will learn something about yourself.  What?  I don't know, you have to go there and see.  It may be that you weren't that bad in high school.  It may be time to let go of some family issues.  Whatever revelation it is, you won't have it if you're too cool to go.

7.  You will learn something about someone else.  I learned a lot about my classmates and even my family members.  My cousins and I discovered all of our dads yelled about the same things.  I learned that I was my oldest cousin's favorite! It shouldn't tickle me so much, but it does!

8.  You will get to have a trip down memory lane.  A fellow classmate made a "soundtrack of our lives" musical compilation.  We really did listen to the coolest music.  I got to see family pictures I didn't even know existed and remember when times were different.  It wasn't all perfect then, like it isn't now, but it's fun to indulge in memories.

9.  You won't be a cynic.  There are so many things to be cynical about in life.  Governments, taxes and the goodness of our fellow man.  You could be cynical about these reunions or you can be the corn ball person who takes a chance.  Go on, do it!

10.  You will either have a good time or good stories.  Maybe both!  Heck, this is the second blog post I've gotten out of reunions.  You will have something different to discuss around the water cooler or some new pictures to post on facebook.

I went to both of mine and I am glad I did. Now go pack your bag.

You will be Sew happy!

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