10 Lessons learned from blogging

I've been blogging for nearly two years.  The first year was pretty much writing to myself, not that I am not a fun reader!  Once I switched to ChicagoNow things got much more interesting, I even created a Facebook fan page for the blog. Change is good! To keep things cooking, this weekend I am attending the BlogHer convention. Anticipating new blogging practices motivated me to create a list of 10 lessons learned from blogging.

1.  Quilt commenters are not internet trolls.  Phew!  Isn't that a tremendous weight off your mind?  Now if you are super observant you may have noticed that my husband is my main commenter.  True but I've gotten a few other comments and all of them are polite even when they are pointing out where I've erred.  Quilt commenters, you rock!

2.  Quilt ecards and memes are fun to make.  Using Picmonkey and other generator sites I had a ton of fun making fun things to share on my Facebook page.fb page

3.  Quilt facebook pages steal memes and ecards wildly.  Wildly I tell you! A few pages make their own or share honestly.  Many others just download and then post whatever they find out there.  First I put my facebook page name on mine, they just cut the name off.  Now I put a watermark on them. Which brings us to another lesson.

4.  Quilt blogging teaches you a lot of new tricks.  I've learned how to watermark pictures, make photo galleries and imbed links or videos.  Most of the cool stuff I learned from my ChicagoNow community managers but some I learned from other bloggers.  Anything you want to do, there's a blog out there on it.

5.  Missouri Star Quilt Co - Quilting Deals is a very cool page.  They shared a meme of mine not knowing it was mine.  When I messaged them about it they were magnificent about making things right. They maintain a standard that we should all emulate.

6.  Quilt topics are anywhere and everywhere - In the process of writing posts about quilts I find I am constantly thinking about sewing.  This has made me so aware of all there is out there.  It has stretched my brain and all the writing has been really good for me.

7.  Quilt blogging can be restrictive.  Sometimes I just have to veer off topic and my readers have been great about it.  Hey, there's a teacher inside this quilter and sometimes she just has to blog also!

8.  Some really successful blogs are pretty controversial - Out there in the big bad blogging world, some bloggers pick a side, shout about it and get the other side to throw sticks and stones at them. People with the opposite view squabble with them and everyone has a grand time.  This creates traffic which creates Ad dollars.  I didn't realize this at all before I started blogging.  I've chosen the quieter path of sewing which is wonderful, no sticks and stones.

9.  Many high traffic quilting blogs are sponsored - Lots of quilt blogs are sponsored by a fabric company, thread company or sewing machine company.  They have fun giveaways and contests with cool prizes.  I never realized this before I became a blogger myself.  Those blogs are product salespeople and so naturally, they are making some money at it.  I just talk about what I like, I am free to promote anything I want.  But I don't have cool things to give away or make any money.  Tradeoffs!

10. Some Bloggers sometimes confuse swearing and humor.  It seems to work, especially for a few of the Mommy bloggers.  Some readers find swear word hilarious.  So in my efforts to keep everyone happy,  imagine a whole bunch of swear words and laugh uproariously.

In general, blogging about quilts has made me...

Sew happy!

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If you enjoyed this post about lessons learned here's another post about what I've learned recently.

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