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Template free piecing - part two

What is more fun than working on a quilt top made of great fabrics and clever piecing?  (OK, maybe winning a tropical vacation but work with me here.)  I am having a grand time putting this all together.  I am practically petting the fabrics as I cut them.  Plus the pattern is a pleasure to... Read more »

Ten best parts of being retired

How did you react to Sunday nights when you were working?  Sunday nights were theoretically part of the weekend when I worked full time but everyone knows that they were stressful as heck. I would make sure my clothes, lunches and Excedrin were all lined up for the week.  Now, Sundays are made for watching Game of Thrones and relaxing!
I am a retired teacher and it is so great to be a retiree.  I read so many articles about the pitfalls of being retired and they make me crazy.  I don’t want to worry about making sure my investments will last until I am 106.  (Wait, I am supposed to have investments?)  I don’t... Read more »

Are you a quilter? Take the quiz.

I remember when I was around college age and realized I was no longer a girl, I was a woman.  Then later on, I came to call myself middle aged and I plan to fiercely hold onto that designation forever.  Other ways of describing myself over the years have been adopting the title of wife,... Read more »

Template free piecing

I learned to quilt with templates and used them for quite a while.  I still have a bag of plastic graph paper templates and a set of hard plastic templates.  It took a whole lot of time to mark and cut out all those pieces and then mark all the stitch lines.  That was the... Read more »

On turning 60

On Sunday, June 16,  I will turn 60 years old . Suddenly I am inexplicably and unexpectedly freaking out about it.  This from the woman who has been chirping for months that she can’t wait to be sixty years old.  My family is looking at me with a bit of disbelief flavored with trepidation.  Allow... Read more »

6 month milestone bib

Six months is a big milestone in the life of a baby.  Half a year makes a big difference for a newborn.  Each month has been a milestone in Zara’s life and I’ve made a bib for each one.  It was fun to plan this month’s and know that I am halfway through making her... Read more »

If movie directors were quilters

When Harry Sewed Sally - a quilter searching for just the right stitch.
Movies about quilting are rare and good ones even harder to find.  Let’s imagine an alternative universe where quilting is the common experience and forms the basis of many classic films.  Look through to see your favorite flick redone with a sewing theme.  This could happen if movie directors were quilters! Sew happy you enjoyed... Read more »

Quilting and Sewing metaphors

Sports are great, I love them and watch them.  I have never really played them but I get the metaphors we all toss around.  I understand that someone can strike out when they are nowhere near a baseball field and I get it when someone wants me to go the whole nine yards.  In this... Read more »

Chevron fat quarter project - improvised piecing table runner

Chevrons are so addictive because they are just plain fun fabrics.  I loved the yardage project so much that I decided to buy some fat quarters and maybe I got carried away.  OK, no maybe about it, I did get carried away.  I ordered a pack of 24 fat quarters, 24!  That’s a lot of... Read more »

Quilters should Yelp

Do you have a favorite quilt store which you would like to help stay in business?  Like to travel and visit quilt stores?  Enjoy helping other quilters?  You can accomplish all of this and more if you and other quilters would write reviews of their quilt stores on Yelp.  Yes, Yelp!  Quilters should Yelp! I... Read more »
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