Owl Baby Quilt - Part two

Here we go, it's the owl baby quilt part two and maybe the end of my baby quilt obsession.  (If you missed part one, just click here.)  I have never made so many baby quilts, I feel I should send an apology to every baby born previously in my life.  None of them got a quilt from me.  A few really lucky babies however, have been born at a time in my life when I was really into making baby quilts as gifts!  Apparently I am not the only one as the shower today featured four handmade quilts!  That's a loved baby.  And warm!

owlrefI finished the quilting on Friday, two whole days early.  I was a bit sad that some of the owl eyes had loose tension on the back of the quilt.  Rats!  I have to remember to s l o w down when I am machine quilting.  My daughter tells me she can't see what I am talking about but I see it; however I have learned not to say anything!

I finished the binding on Saturday, it's all done by machine as a baby quilt is going to be owlrebwashed so the binding needs to be very secure.  I love the owl fabric on the back the most of all.  It is a terrific feeling to finish a quilt even if it is just a baby quilt.  I have made 11 baby quilts in 7 months and yes, I am amazed!

We went to the shower today and I was happy to give the Mother-to-be the owl quilt.  I have known her since the day she was born so it is fun to see her about to owlre4have a little baby herself.   Moms today do things a bit differently and I think that is fabulous.  My favorite modern Mom move is the whole "back to sleep" change for babies which has saved so many babies' lives by preventing SIDS in young ones.

Last time I had this much exposure to babies was when my friends and I were having our first kids.  Some things have changed since then in style, choice or practice and that's fine with me. I never want to be that cranky old lady shaking her finger and saying, in my day we used to do this or that.   Hey, it's your baby and you are the one getting up in the middle of the night with him or her and will be paying the college tuition.  You can do whatever you like, well, as long as you love the baby quilt I make you.

Making baby quilts?  It makes me sew happy!

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I you enjoyed reading this then you might get a kick out of the first and second baby quilts I made.

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